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Professionals can expect an average of seven major changes of employment or occupation during their working life. The career decision-making process presented here offers a series of activities to help make life-determining decisions.

1. Self-directed exploration

  • Determine individual values, preferred activities, skills, personal characteristics and interests.
  • Select major by combining insight gained through self-exploration with information about programs in different majors and career opportunities.
  • The Center for Life Beyond Reed at Reed offers an interest survey (Strong Interest Survey) and a personality preference instrument (MBTI) along with advising to guide students through a process of self assessment. More...

2. Explore career options

3. Make decisions

  • Test decision by participating in related internship and work experiences.
  • Conduct information interviews and/or job shadowing. Network with Alumni to learn more about your fields of interest.
  • Select alternatives which seems to offer greatest possibility for self-fulfillment and success.
  • Make informational interviewing a primary activity to better understand employment options and gain industry tips.

4. Prepare for the transition

  • Attend many of the programs offered through the Center for Life Beyond Reed to help get started. Check out our calendar for upcoming events.
  • Set long-term and short term-goals.
  • Prepare an effective resume targeting employment that will advance professional goals.
  • Gain experience and contacts through volunteer work, internships and other work experience.
  • Recognize and overcome obstacles to achieving goals.
  • Apply to postgraduate internship, apprenticeship, training program, grant/residency (if applicable).
  • Research graduate programs and make early applications (if applicable).
  • Take courses to explore occupational interests and develop technical skills.

5. Make the transition from college to life after college

  • Conduct an effective job search - the Center for Life Beyond Reed staff are available to coach job seekers.
  • Carefully evaluate and accept job offer that offers goal advancement.
  • Select postgraduate internship, apprenticeship, training program, grant, residency or service opportunity.
  • Select a graduate school after thorough research (if applicable).
  • Volunteer in the local community as a meaningful way to contribute and gain both personal and professional rewards.

6. Evaluate your decision, establish a satisfying life after college

  • Evaluate degree to which your choices meet expectations.
  • Establish lifestyle and new community of friends/colleagues.
  • Reaffirm or revise existing goals.
  • Return to Tools for Career Decision Making and set new goals.

To schedule a meeting with a career counselor:  call 503.777.7550.

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