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Online Strong Interest Survey and the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory

The Center for Life Beyond Reed offers students the opportunity to take career assessment instruments online! To follow up on the completion of your assessments, call the Center for Life Beyond Reed to make an appointment with our career counselor where you will go over your results. It is your responsibility to schedule this meeting. To make it easy, just call us at 503.777.7550 as soon as you finish your assessment. Leave a message with your phone number clearly stated if you call after hours. Or, stop by the Center for Life Beyond Reed in Greywood to schedule your appointment.

To take the assessments:

1) Each assessment takes approximately 1/2 hour, so be sure to allow enough time.  Also, it's best to take the assessment when you are comfortable and alert. (Taking it an hour before a big test, or after an all-nighter, or when you're in a bad mood may skew your results and make them less than helpful).

2) Go to

3) In the Login box, type: ReedCollege
    For Password, type Student1  
For User ID: You do not need a user ID unless you are returning to finish an incomplete inventory. IMPORTANT NOTE: After you complete the survey, you will receive an e-mail message that contains your USER ID. 

4) To get back into your records, return to At Login, type: ReedCollege Password: Student1 and then enter the User ID you were provided in the e-mail in step 3.

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