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2018 Winter Shadows

Sponsored by the Center for Life Beyond Reed, Reed Alumni, Parents, and Friends

For more information about the 2018 Winter Shadows program, visit the Winter Shadows program info page.

How do I register?

Fill out the Winter Shadows application form, which includes the following
  • Upload an up-to-date resume. This resume will be used to facilitate the matching process and share information about you to your shadow sponsor. To receive help with your resume before applying please make an appointment with an advisor in Griffin Door, visit Express Advising (hours available at, or attend a Winter Shadows application party (October 10&11, 6-7pm).
  • Rank your top 5 choices for your Winter Shadow experience. The Center for Life Beyond Reed will make every effort to match you to the highest ranked shadowing experience possible. Because there are a limited number of students each shadow opportunity can support, we ask that you indicate your top 5 preferences in order to give you the greatest opportunity to be matched. Please note that while you are not required to indicate interest in more than one opportunity, making all 5 selections will give you the best chance of being selected for a shadow.  
  • Write a paragraph answering the following question: How will the opportunity to participate one of the Winter Shadows you indicated preference for help you achieve your career exploration or development goals? 
  • Indicate whether you would like to make a Career Advancement Fund request if matched with a shadow. If yes, write a paragraph describing your financial need or other circumstances that will help the Center for Life Beyond Reed understand your funding needs.

Aerospace: NASA/Ames

Up to 4 Shadows, 2-3 days in duration, housing available
Moffett Field, CA


I am a Mechanical/Systems Engineer at NASA Ames Research Center. This shadow will be a mix of four activities, punctuated with meetings - visit machine shop or lab to coordinate hardware build - run analysis for potential or pre-launch spaceflight hardware - write grant application or report to support Moon, Mars, or Space Station experiment - NASA policy, project management, review of large projects.

Our mission: "We reach for new heights and reveal the unknown for the benefit of humankind."


Looking for all class years.

Come prepared to communicate what you want to do in your life. I'll do my best to make your visit useful to you within the confines of getting my work done. In case you can't tell from my name, I'm a female engineer. In engineering school there was a ratio of 1/100 women to men. My experience is atypical, but I work with plenty of typical engineers, scientists and biologists. I can try to work meetings/projects with them into your stint here if you express interest. PS I don't bite.

Attire: business casual.

Accommodations are modest, in my home with two kids and two big felines.

Architecture/Sustainability: PDT Architects

1 shadow, no housing offered. Jan 2-13
Portland, Maine


I am the marketing director for PDT Architects. I run all marketing for a small architecture firm of 26 people but am not an architect.

Sustainable architecture for education, health care, corporate, and housing clients.


An interest in marketing in a visual field, some English, art, and design background useful.

Neat jeans are fine attire in our office.

Arts: Architecture, HGA Architects

2 shadows, housing offered. Jan 8-13
Portland, Maine


I'm an architect, marketing principal, and department manager.

Mission: Architecture and engineering design of large complex buildings for arts, community, education, healthcare, public and corporate organizations.


No requirements, business casual attire. Office is in a downtown setting.

Arts Entertainment and Video:

2 shadows, housing offered. Jan 8-13th
Burlingame, California (Bay Area)


I create humorous viral videos for my online MyLifeSuckers channels. A Reedie would come along for the ride as I brainstorm a concept, write a script, record the song (if it's a music video) and shoot, edit and upload the video. It's a really fun, creative process and I'm happy to invite a student to learn all that happens behind the scenes in the life of an internet personality.

MyLifeSuckers brings humor, truth and honesty to the challenging world of parenting. We aim to help mothers feel less alone on this crazy parenting journey and bring some comedic relief to the madness. Because if you don't laugh, you'll cry.


An interest in video production/writing/acting.

It's all produced out of my home! Warning: There may be Legos strewn about.

Casual attire. I wear yoga pants and tank tops.

Arts: Music Composition and Cognition

Up to 2 shadows, January 9-14, housing provided
Princeville, Kauai, Hawaii


I am a composer of classical music and an author. My mission is to create music and to enhance music cognition.


A student shadowing me could expect to learn about music composition, music history and music cognition.

Attire is Hawai'i wear: Casual.

Arts: New Mexico Museum Conservatorship

1 shadow, no housing offered. Jan 2-13
Sante Fe, New Mexico


I am the Chief Conservator, Dir. of Conservation for the Museum System of New Mexico. My unit provides the conservation services for the state museum collections. This covers providing advice and guidance for the preservation of museum collections but also includes advance forensic analysis, scientific research, and the hands on treatment of museum artifacts.

Mission: To provide the best possible guidance on preserving museum collections, to provide scientific research and professional art conservation services.


We are a small unit of 4 conservators. As far as requirements, some general scientific knowledge, practical art training/experience would be a decided plus . Perhaps most necessary, excellent color vision, good general computer skills for data entry and manipulation (Excel, Photo Shop or similar, etc.), definitely not accident prone, able to function in a variety of work places including one with chemicals, solvents and sharp instruments.

We have the care of very expensive as well as very culturally sensitive collections. We must have conservators and interns who will be culturally sensitive and who can work within a secure environment to protect and preserve these sometimes quite fragile collections. Culturally sensitive and trustworthy are two major requirements.

A shadow would be a volunteer/intern with us and need to sign in and out with building security. The main work is at our lab on Museum Hill, 705 Camino Lejo, Santa Fe. Most people use a car to get to work although there is bus service. This may be an issue. I understand that bus service to Museum Hill is several times daily but not greatly frequent.

Arts: UCB Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

1 shadow, no housing offered. Jan 8-12
Berkeley, California


In early January I will be preparing to install a new exhibition, Hippie Modernism: The Struggle for Utopia. I will be spending a lot of time in the galleries as well as holding my regular standing meetings, supervising the various members of the Senior Management team.

The University of California, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive is the visual arts center of the University of California, Berkeley. BAMPFA inspires the imagination, ignites critical dialogue, and activates community engagement through art, film, and other forms of creative expression.


The Winter Shadow will be able to come along on most of these activities, with the exception of confidential meetings.

Required: a love of art.

Attire: business casual with a nicer outfit in case necessary.

Arts: Writing, Non Fiction Research, Edit, Write

1 shadow, housing provided. Jan 3-12
Waldport, Oregon


I am a self-employed writer and educator for massage therapists.

Mission: To provide accurate, timely, and friendly information on the topics of pathology and scientific research to massage therapists around the world.



I'm not sure what I'll be working on during January, but it could be any combination of the following: beginning a new edition of my primary textbook; updating a quick reference guide with the intention of prepping it to become an app; writing a column for one or both of two trade journals; working on an online course, which might involve editing screencasts (much easier than it sounds).

I am hoping to host a person with curiosity about being a professional writer or educator-- especially in the field of online education. Someone who is enthusiastic about life and willing to try something that might be too hard would be a good match.

One step up from pajamas is fine. You will be staying with us (me, husband, dog) in our house on the beach on the Central Coast. If you have a car that might make things simpler for you, but it is by no means necessary.

Arts: Yale Center for British Art

1 shadow, no housing offered. Jan 2-13
New Haven, Connecticut


Mark Aronson is the chief conservator of the Yale Center for British Art. Cate Peebles is the Post Graduate Research Associate in the Archives at the Yale Center for British Art. We are looking for ways to improve the electronic archives of the conservation department. The conservators restore things, and document the process. The transition from traditional paper based documentation to electronic based documentation has been a bit of a bumpy road.

The Yale Center for British collects, preserves, displays, interprets British Art, most of it donated by its founding donor, Paul Mellon. The center is a part of Yale University.


One of Cate's projects at the YCBA is to look for ways to help us digitally archive our written and photographic documentation. The Reedie might help us sort out ways to get to this goal - learning a bit about restoration and a bit about archives in the process.

Sophomore or above, please.

Relaxed, university setting. We are used to what students wear these days. January can be chilly if not buried in snow. We tend to dress accordingly. Museum climate aims for 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 45% RH in winter.

The Yale Center for British Art is a fully secure museum building. The working hours are 8:30 to 5. Access is through the staff entrance. There may be some security clearance required (background check); this must be completed well in advance of the Shadow. The archives are in a nearby building and have similar hours and climate.

Arts/Dance: International Dance School/ Peridance Center

1 shadow, no housing offered. Flex, with a minimum of 5 days.
New York City (Manhattan), New York


I'm the International Programs Coordinator and Student Advisor at the International Dance School / Peridance Center. I review the international dance student applications to the school and help students get a F-1 student visa so they can study dance at Peridance for 3 to 36 months. I'm also the Coordinator of the 3, 6, and 12 month Independent Study Programs.

A Reedie would be able to follow my varied work day schedule: administration and student advisement. A Reedie would also assist with some "secretarial" tasks, perhaps do editing of department materials, observe an International Student Orientation (tentatively scheduled for January 2nd) and have the opportunity to take some dance classes.


Passion for dance/performing arts. Previous work in performing arts administration recommended.

Attire is casual. 

Arts/Theatre: East Bay Center for the Performing Arts

1 shadow, housing provided. Jan 2-13
Richmond, California


Artistic Director of an inner city cultural center with 5,000 students (youth and young adult). Shadow might help or accompany us in the creation of a new site-specific work in January. They may also help prepare a theater work, mentor teens, learn about production, raise funds, or organize a ballot initiative with community members.

Our Mission

East Bay Center for the Performing Arts engages youth and young adults in imagining and creating new worlds for themselves and new visions for their communities through the inspiration and discipline of rigorous training in world performance traditions.

What We Believe

We, at East Bay Center for the Performing Arts, passionately believe in the power of art to create beauty and new ways of seeing the world. We believe in the ability of the performing arts to give voice to the silent, to unite peoples of diverse backgrounds, and to help realize the fullest potential of communities and the individuals who live in them. We affirm the importance of connecting the creative and uplifting powers of the arts with children and youth who in their daily lives must contend with systemic poverty, violence, and other barriers to peace, justice, and prosperity. We welcome all who find resonance with and are committed to these beliefs.

What We Do

We offer diverse youth and young adults opportunities to grow and excel as learners, creators of art, and contributors to their communities.  We provide broad and strategic community-based and public school performing arts access programs; rigorous individual and ensemble training; an intensive four-year, interdisciplinary diploma program; advanced internships; and commissions for new works of art. Our students, partners, and audiences deepen their experience and engagement with the life-affirming and community-building impact of music, theater, dance, and media-making from a critical selection of the world’s great cultures.


Helpful if shadows have a background or strong interest in music, dance or theater, community organizing, stagecraft/technical production, non-western cultures.

Attire: clean and casual. Bring a nice outfit in case.

The Center's community is full of beautiful families. It is helpful if the student is comfortable in a diverse urban setting.

Astronomy: UMichigan Professor

2 shadows, housing offered. Jan 8-13
Ann Arbor, Michigan


I am an astronomer at UM. My scientific efforts focus on studies of dark matter in galaxies via measurements of the dynamical states of these systems. The instrumentation work will greatly advance our capabilities to carry out these investigations.

The University of Michigan is a large research institution with a strong commitment to undergraduate and graduate education.


The Winter Shadow program would involve interaction with front-line astronomical observational data or work in a lab in which astronomical instrumentation is being developed.

Students with Intro Physics (and any astrophysics) college-level background would find it easiest to get up to speed quickly. Experience in scientific programming and image manipulation would be great as well, but not as essential. Students should, however, be willing to use existing computing tools to do basic astronomical analysis. Some pre-visit preparatory work may be required.

Attire is very casual. However, it is COLD here in January, please come prepared!


Astronomy: WM Keck Observatory

4 shadows, no housing offered. 2-3 days (and/or nights), schedule TBD
MaunaKea & Waimea, Big Island, Hawaii


Telescope Operator at WM Keck Observatory. Opportunities to meet our astronomers, telescope and instrument specialist, and electronic, optical, mechanical, and software engineers. Watch night operations from our headquarters in Waimea and visit the observatory on the summit of MaunaKea (14,000ft elevation).

Groundbreaking & cutting edge optical & infrared observational astronomy using two of the largest and most productive ground-based observatories in the world.


Interest in science & technology, especially optics, astronomy, software, engineering.

Casual ("Aloha wear"), and something warm for night time viewing!

Atmospheric Science: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

2 shadows, housing offered. January 8-12
Seattle, Washington


I am attorney with Office of NOAA General Counsel in Seattle, Washington. Currently I work primarily on issues involving endangered species and marine mammals. NOAA is a federal agency with jurisdiction over our oceans and coasts and the national weather service, and a leader in climate change science. For a complete overview see: I am partnering with Doug Helton who is the Incident Operations Coordinator for the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Office of Response and Restoration. The Division provides scientific and technical support to the Coast Guard during oil and chemical spill responses. Doug has worked on oil spills, shipwrecks, abandoned vessels, and emergency response efforts in almost all coastal states, ranging from Maine to American Samoa.



Juniors and seniors will most likely get the most out of this shadow experience, which will be split between law and field work.

Business casual attire.

Aviation and Economic Analysis: NetJets

1 shadow, housing offered. Dates open
Dublin, Ohio


NetJets Inc., a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, is an American company that sells part ownership or shares of private business jets. We provide on-demand private aviation to over 5000 airports worldwide with as little as 6 hours notice.

As manager of Business Insights & Analytics, I manage an applied math & statistics team. We do demand forecasting, adhoc analyses, and optimizations in a business environment where margins are tight and business decisions are made based on our work.

Our mission: To enhance the life of each owner one exceptional travel experience at a time. 


STEM major, sophomore or above, interest in application of mathematics.

In terms of hosting a shadow, I'm a non-drinker and prefer no alcohol or illicit drugs in my home or environs.

Behavioral Science: Center for Advanced Hindsight

1 shadow, no housing offered, but sponsor may be able to help locate housing. Duration negotiable, start 8 Jan and poss. for 2 wks
Durham, North Carolina


I am a senior behavioral researcher, Center for Advanced Hindsight.

We're an applied behavioral science research group within Duke University that focuses on improving health and financial decision-making. I'm on the health team, so we do work around diet & exercise, disease management & med adherence, and sexual health.


A shadow would probably sit in on meetings, help with data analysis, help with lit searches, or help with study design or implementation.

A social science person would be best. Our Health section is mostly staffed by psychologists, yet people have economics backgrounds as well. The financial group will also be around for shadowing, I'm sure.

Bio Science/Entrepreneurship: Alignment Ventures

2 shadows, housing provided in town; housing off-site, we will work on. Jan 6-12
Portland and San Francisco


I start and finance biotech and medical device companies. The opportunity I have is to attend the 2018 JP Morgan Life Sciences Conference (and associated conferences) in San Francisco. This is the largest biotech and medical device financial conference in the world. 10,000 venture capitalists, Angel investors, and private equity investors with primary interest in things that save lives descend on Union Square in SF for this event. I took a Reedie with me last year and he was blown away by the value of attending this conference. You would prep for and come with me as I meet with investors and pitch investments in 3 Oregon companies I am building:

* Lipidomics (Corvallis), which has proprietary lipid mixtures which appear to be effective in treating Eczema. We have some human data which shows correlation. We will have mouse data by January which shows causation. Human clinical trial scheduled to start Summer, 2018.

* Neuramedica (Oregon City), which has a medical device consisting of bioresorbable polymers to close the Dura of the spine during spinal surgery. The second product is to create the vaginal cuff during Hysterectomy, the most challenging part of that surgery. We have human and sheep cadaver data now, we will have pig data by January.

* OmnEcoil (Portland), which is developing a medical device to simultaneously image and biopsy the prostate in real time under MRI guidance. We will have prototypes and perhaps some early human data by January.

The format: There are 4 conferences going on at the same time within a 10 block radius. I set up 30-minute meetings with investors at these conferences from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. At 5 P.M., the cocktail parties start that law firms, investment banks and venture firms sponsor. I sometimes go to 10 of these Mon-Wed night of JP Morgan week to network.

Alignment Ventures, LLC: Start and build companies which save lives and/or substantially decrease human morbidity. Individual portfolio companies--see above.


Biology, chemistry or physics majors, possibly economics, only where student has also taken science courses. An interest in entrepreneurial activity is also essential.

Suits or slacks and a sport coat for men, dress or pantsuit for women. All are strongly urged to wear shoes that are practical for a lot of walking.

We have to figure out lodging in the Bay Area for Jan 7-11, which can be challenging.

BioMedical Engineering: OHSU

2 shadows, no housing offered. Jan 3-12
OHSU, downtown Portland


I am a third year graduate student in the Department of Biomedical Engineering. Our lab (PI: Dr. Monica Hinds) is involved in cardiovascular engineering, specifically the design of durable small-diameter vascular grafts. My project involves micropatterning the growth of endothelial colony forming cells on synthetic surfaces with the goal of eventually being able to grow an artificial endothelium on an implantable device. Day-to-day, a shadow would probably get to observe micropattern fabrication, endothelial cell culture, qPCR and related laboratory techniques.



Students should have introductory biology and some upper-division lab experience with basic molecular biology techniques.

Attire: Roughly the same as in Reed's chemistry labs: no shorts, no open-toed shoes.

The Hinds lab is located on the 13th floor of the OHSU CHH. The building and elevators are open to the public during normal business hours (M-F, 7-6), however the labs are restricted. In order to avoid putting the students through OHSU volunteer training and registration, they will need to be supervised at all times while in the labs.


Brewing: Thirsty Planet Brewing

2 shadows, No housing offered. 3-5 days within window.
Austin, Texas


Shadow a brewer and co-owner of Thirsty Planet Brewing. Possible activities include helping to brew beer and engaging in the processes of a working brewery. PLEASE NOTE: Thirsty Planet is not a brew pub. It's a brewery only. Must be 21 or older.

At Thirsty Planet Brewing, Co., we believe our purpose is multi-faceted. It begins with just good, old-fashioned passion for beer. We are inspired by the history of beer, its humble, but amazing beginnings, the way it brings people together, and its unbelievable versatility. We believe that the best way to share our enthusiasm for life is through the perfect beer. Our Thirsty Planet crew is devoted to brewing with a purpose and are committed to quenching the thirst of this planet through each sip of beer and through the charitable organizations we support. Gratuities from our tasting room are donated to a different charity each month, every year over half of the proceeds from our Silverback Pale Ale sales support the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund, and each year we donate to and sponsor as many local charities as possible. We strive to keep the planet’s well-being in mind during our day to day operations. Our spent grain is donated to local farmers for animal feed, our yeast and trube goes to a local composting facility, and we recycle all cardboard, paper, and glass products here at the brewery. We owe our success to the wonderful resources our environment has provided us and to all of our Thirsty Planet fans out there.


Reedies who are 21 and over, possessed of a true interest in brewing, and all of the work that goes in to the job.

Great humor and hard worker. Close-toed shoes, long pants, nothing too scruffy.

Economic Development: Mission Economic Development Agency

1 shadow, no housing offered. Dates & duration flexible within Jan 2-13 range
San Francisco, California


Employed at Mission Economic Development Agency as Director of Evaluation, where I oversee the monitoring, evaluation and data collection of our internal programs and work with teams to learn from the information collected as well as communicate it to the community.

Rooted in the Mission and focused on San Francisco, MEDA’s mission is to strengthen low-and moderate-income Latino families by promoting economic equity and social justice through asset building and community development.


A Reedie would observe the day-to-day operations of an economic development agency and direct service agency and may have the opportunity to apply their critical-thinking and problem solving skills to our day to day challenges.

Professional attire.

Economic Development: Prosper, Portland

2 shadows, no housing offered. Jan 8-13
Downtown Portland, Oregon


We provide Portland companies with access to new markets, technical assistance, and loans so they can grow and hire. We connect Portlanders to job training and job opportunities. We support companies in high-growth sectors that create family-wage jobs. We support property ownership and real estate projects that build wealth in historically underserved neighborhoods and communities of color. We focus on growing small and promising businesses, including minority and women-owned businesses and those in low-income communities.

Prosper Portland’s mission is to create economic growth and opportunity.

Read more about us at:


A Reedie would learn how we move our initiatives forward through the collaboration with community organizations and the private sector which is central to our job creation, place-making and economic opportunity work.

Students of color preferred with a curiosity in social impact, entrepreneurship, economics, community driven processes, wealth disparities, urban planning, & equity.

Attire is business casual.

Education, Elementary: Waldorf School

2 shadows, housing offered. Jan 3-12
Richmond, Rhode Island


I am an elementary education teacher working in a Waldorf school in southern Rhode Island. Waldorf education is an alternative education where the teacher loops with her or his class from grades 1 - 8 and where there is a strong emphasis on the arts. I will be teaching grade seven this coming school year.

Our mission: To educate the whole child using the insights of Rudolf Steiner in a developmentally appropriate manner is the mission of our school.


Anyone interested in elementary or middle school teaching might find it very rewarding to shadow in an alternative system to gain insight and ideas for a future career in education. A Reedie would come to school and observe the main academic lessons I am teaching, but could also observe other classes as well, such as Handwork, Woodwork, Fine Arts, Music, etc.

A Reedie would most likely come to work with me in the mornings, and I would expect them to stay at the school throughout the school day (7:30 to 3:30). After this, they would be free to explore southern RI. They would be most independent if they had their own car, but this is not necessary.

Attire is quite casual. Slacks, jeans and tops are fine.


Education, Secondary: Garland High School

5 shadows, housing provided. Dates are flexible within Jan 2-13
Garland, Texas


I am a French teacher at Garland High School in Garland TX.

Mission: Enter to learn, go forth to serve.


Garland is a public Title 1 high school that houses an International Baccalaureate Program, so the shadow could see the entire spectrum of classroom and student available. This is a fabulous opportunity for a student who is interested in education at the secondary level.

Education: Elementary UCLA Community School

2 shadows, housing offered. Jan 8-12
Los Angeles, California


I'm a founding teacher and currently teach 4th/5th grade in a Spanish bilingual classroom at UCLA Community School, a pilot school (non-charter, but autonomous in budget, hiring, and curriculum) in Los Angeles Unified School District in Koreatown, central LA. Interested students should check out the website

Mission: UCLA Community School prepares all students to live rich and meaningful lives by providing a rigorous dual language instructional program within a strong supportive community that leads to college, careers, and civic participation. Vision: We, as social justice educators, expect students who graduate from UCLA Community School to enter the adult world as confident and capable human beings, prepared to succeed in college, pursue meaningful careers, and participate in our democracy.
The adults that support these students will know them well and ensure that each engages in scholarship that is challenging and relevant to their lives.


Bilingual English/Spanish required.

Informal attire, but not casual or sloppy. No open-toed shoes, tank tops (men), raggedy jeans (regular jeans ok).

Education: Junior and Highschool, Puget Sound Community School

1 shadow, no housing offered. Jan 2-13
Seattle, Washington


Teaching staff at Puget Sound Community school, an innovative independent middle and high school.

Mission: Turning out badass, self-aware, community-minded young people.


Any Reedie interested in 21st century education would be fine.

Education Junior: Keystone Academy

1 shadow, housing provided. January 9-13.
Beijing, China


I am the Head of Middle School at Keystone Academy, a new school with a mission of educating our Chinese and international students from and for the world. As a new model of education in China, Keystone Academy blends distinctive traditions in eastern, western, and international education, creating a new world school with a liberal arts program that is academically outstanding. All our endeavors are framed by five shared Confucian values: compassion, honesty, justice, respect, and wisdom.

A shadow would be able to see and participate in a bilingual education experience that could include exploring the concept of growing a new school, cross-cultural experiential education, and / or examination of differences between Chinese, international, and American educational systems and philosophies.


Attire is business casual (no jeans).

Sophomore and Juniors preferred. Any major. Experience with the Chinese language is a plus but definitely not required.

Education: Junior Portland Public School Arts-focused Middle School

5 shadows, housing offered
Portland, OR


This is my 5th year as Assistant Principal at Portland Public School's arts-focus option middle school - da Vinci Arts -near Burnside and 24th. About 460 6th-8th grade students come from all over the district through the PPS lottery to experience an arts-focused middle school learning experience.

In my experience, Assistant Principals wear many hats each day. We have numerous seasonal and year-long operational and instructional projects to manage, and each day we are also responsible for responding to the needs, often immediate, of students, families, and staff. This shadow experience would essentially be active observation of days in the life of a middle-grades public school building leader. 


Would be great to host someone interested in teaching/public education policy. Ideally, they would also be comfortable with teenagers and conscious of the role-modeling responsibility that exists in the opportunity. If open to it, we might capitalize on their presence to have them speak with a group of students about college life, specifically the academics, with restraint related to appropriate boundaries in speaking with children.

Attire is professional casual. 

Education K-12: Paul Cuffee School

2 shadows, housing offered. Jan 4-13
Providence, Rhode Island


I am a 7th grade math teacher at an independent, public, K-12 charter school in Providence, RI.

Paul Cuffee School, a K-12 public charter school of choice, educates a diverse community of students from Providence, Rhode Island. We respect each individual and the world we share. This quality of our community is central to our mission. In the spirit of Paul Cuffee’s life, we teach students to value and practice personal initiative, perseverance, and social responsibility. Our school accomplishes these goals through a rigorous academic program which, enriched with maritime experiences, fosters discovery and critical thinking. We prepare students for higher education, lifelong learning, and active citizenship.


If you are interested in becoming a teacher, working in urban education, or working with kids- this is a great choice for you!

Typical office attire- no jeans, no flip flops, cover shoulders, belly, etc. I usually wear corduroy pants, a t-shirt, a cardigan, and flats/sneakers.

Education Primary: Edmonds School District

1 shadow, no housing offered. Mon-Fri of January 2-13.
Edmonds, WA


I am an elementary school teacher at Edmonds School District, in a multi-age choice school. I teach grades 4, 5, and 6.


Must be interested in education. The student will need to be independent, responsible, and willing to be around children for the work day. I would expect assistance with small tasks, time to discuss observations, and participation in our learning community.

Attire is casually professional. 

Education: Secondary, Centennial High School

2 shadows, housing not offered.
Portland, Oregon


High school science teacher at Centennial High School in Portland at SE 182nd on the border of Gresham.

Mission: Teaching high school students grade 9 -12.


Science majors or freshman coursework in chemistry and/or biology preferred.

Neat but informal. Jacket/tie or dress/heels not necessary. Comfortable shoes are a must!

A background check is required. We can help with the paperwork, which should be submitted at least a month before starting. There is a fee of $20 (this was as of three years ago).

Education Secondary: Del Valley HS

2 shadows, housing offered. Jan. 10 - 12
Austin, TX


I am a high school English teacher. The goal of Del Valley HS is to educate and prepare all students for responsible, civic-minded, and financially sustainable life after high school.

Reedie could observe class, participate in discussion, assist students in essay writing etc.


Also flexible, though an English or History major would probably have more fun participating in discussions etc.

Attire is work casual.

Education: Stevenson School

2 shadows, housing offered January 4-13
Monterey Peninsula, California


I teach history, coach soccer and work in the dormitory at Stevenson School, a coed residential high school.

Stevenson, a selective school for college-bound boarding and day students, commits to three aims:

-To prepare students for success in college and beyond
-To foster their passion for learning and achievement
-To help them shape a joyful life

Therefore, we maintain:

-A faculty and staff of gifted, principled, attentive adults
-A lively curriculum—innovative in method, scholarly in content, and global in scope
-An exceptional range of academic, athletic, and artistic choices for students to explore, both independently and with friends
-A respectful, welcoming community, grounded in ethical and spiritual values
-A serene, comfortable campus along the magnificent forested coastline of the Monterey Peninsula

Carmel Campus (Grades PK-8)
Stevenson, a selective PK-8 day school for academically promising children, embraces three aims:

-To prepare students for continued success
-To kindle their delight in learning
-To help them shape a joyful life

Therefore, we maintain:

-A faculty and staff of gifted, principled, attentive adults
-A child-focused curriculum—innovative in method, traditional in content, and multicultural in scope
-An exceptional range of academic, athletic and artistic choices for children to explore, both independently and with friends
-A loving, welcoming community, grounded in ethical and spiritual values
-An appealing, child-friendly campus in a quiet ocean-view neighborhood of Carmel


The shadow would have to submit proof of TB vaccination and would have to fill out a standard background check form because they would be working closely with kids.

Attire is casual professional.

Education, Secondary: Summerfield School

2 shadows, no housing offered. Flexible.
Santa Rosa, California


I am a HS Counselor and work in a unique position in a small, independent school called Summerfield School, that has a high school of 75. We work closely to meet students' needs and to work with ongoing possibilities for responsibility, community engagement, and integrity (similar to the Honor Code). As a result, there's a lot of hands-on collaboration and routine chaos, but it is a fulfilling role. The mission of my school is to cultivate the emerging student's full potential and to help them become free-thinking human beings.


Flexibility and willingness to learn. Passion in education and/or counseling. 

Attire is casual. 

Education/Social Justice: Junior High, NYC School System

2 shadows, housing offered. jan 3-5 & 8-12
Manhattan, New York


I'm the assistant principal at a small middle school in Manhattan. The school is public (NYC Department of Education) and, while it is located in one of the city's most diverse districts, serves a mostly poor, minority, and high-need student population. I am involved in all aspects of the school, although my primary responsibilities include teacher development and evaluation, curriculum, and assessment.

High school readiness. Social-emotional well-being. More broadly, the closing of the achievement gap and the fight for social justice.


Any Reedie who shadows me will observe and learn about school leadership from a pedagogical and operational standpoint.

Financial Competency: Oh My Dollar!

1 shadow, housing offered. Dates negotiable, if Wednesday is included, shadow will engage in on-air time
Portland, Oregon


CEO, Oh My Dollar! - I run a single-person business teaching personal finance. Like a typical small business owner, I spend a lot of time making spreadsheets and doing sales, but also packaging books up to mail off, recording a radio show, and creating videos about personal finance while dressed as David Bowie. I do a little bit of everything.

Oh My Dollar! seeks to make personal finance accessible with a little dash of glitter.


A Reedie interested in the varied life of a personal entrepreneur might find this fun.

Casual attire - ideally prepared to pack books (closed toe shoes) and do video (not too scruffy). Also, ideally, the shadow has a bicycle, as we use bike transport to get around the city.

Government Municipal: Portland Bureau of Transportation

2 shadows, housing offered. Jan 3-5 and Jan 8-12
Portland, OR


As the Public Information Officer for the Portland Bureau of Transportation, I am the spokesman for the City of Portland on transportation issues, supporting the mission of an 800-person agency, one of the largest organizations in city government. I respond to a high number of information requests from the news media on highly sensitive political and public safety topics, gathering information from agency experts and crafting the right message to convey accurate information to inspire the public to take appropriate action in emergency situations and to support the agency's mission of building a sustainable city that reduces carbon pollution and supports a strong local economy. I have access to experts from across the agency and city government, including City Council members and the Mayor, engineers, long range planners, streetcar operations managers, parking and parking enforcement and maintenance and construction managers.

A Reedie shadowing me will observe firsthand the fast-paced, politically charged role of a communication professional in a large public agency. You could follow me as I receive a request from the news media, gather information, conduct TV and print media interviews, and produce material for publication on the web, Twitter and Facebook. Student shadows will also have access to other professions that could vary depending on the student's interest. Shadow applicants may conduct informational interviews with professionals in a variety of fields, including: urban planning, engineering, public policy advice and analysis, politics, sustainability, environmental protection, economic development, geographic information systems or project management.


A variety of majors or backgrounds could set the student up for success. It would be most helpful if the student can show an interest in politics or urban issues generally. An interest in biking, walking or public transit specifically would be helpful but not required. A general curiosity about how cities and public infrastructure shape everyday life and human behavior would be helpful.

Attire is business casual. 

Healthcare: Kartini

1 shadow, no housing offered. Jan 2-13
Portland, Oregon


I am part of the clinical research team here at Kartini Clinic. We are studying various hormones and how they are affected by genetics and disorders of the brain. We extract medical data from patient medical records, genetic information from genetic assessments, input the data onto the SPSS system and analyze significant trends and correlations over time.

Our mission: To treat children suffering from eating disorders with an evidence-based, medical approach.



Statistics, Human Development, Psychology, Biology or Pre-med majors. Knowledge in statistics, research methods, and data manipulation and analyzing, use of SPSS.

Staff members are reminded that our patients struggle with issues of body image and that, therefore, very tight, body hugging, low cut or short attire would be a problem for them. We ask shadows to be mindful of our patients’ struggle and to dress in business casual or medical loose fitting attire.

We are located on the 4th floor, above Bread and Honey Cafe. An elevator code is necessary to come up to our floor, and it should be entered on the keypad located inside of the elevator. Code will be shared upon the confirmation of a Shadow arrangement.

Healthcare: Kartini Clinic (Data mining)

1 shadow, no housing offered. Jan 2-5
Portland, Oregon


I'm the Business Office Director at Kartini Clinic and I work closely with Morgan O'Toole (CEO and Reed alumnus).

Kartini Clinic is an internationally recognized pediatric eating disorder treatment program. Since 1998 we have treated more than 3000 children and young adults with all forms of disordered eating. We take an evidence-based, medical approach to the treatment of eating disorders.


A Winter Shadow would work on data mining/data analysis of healthcare-related projects, written reports, and oral presentations.

Staff members are reminded that our patients struggle with issues of body image and that, therefore, very tight, body hugging, low cut or short attire would be a problem for them. We ask shadows to be mindful of our patients’ struggle and to dress in business casual or medical loose fitting attire.

We are located on the 4th floor, above Bread and Honey Cafe. An elevator code is necessary to come up to our floor, and it should be entered on the keypad located inside of the elevator. Code will be shared upon the confirmation of a Shadow arrangement.

Higher Ed: Psychological Research, Colorado Mesa University

1 shadow, housing offered. Jan 8-12
Grand Junction, Colorado


I am a professor of psychology at a small public university (no grad program in psychology). I conduct research on suicide prevention, and the student would have an opportunity to take a suicide intervention class I teach over 2 days for our undergraduates and community members. In addition the student could shadow me in research activities and class planning and preparation.


This would really only be interesting to psychology majors.

Higher Ed: Reed College

1 shadow, no housing offered. Flex, January 2-13. The shadow would total 1 week, but it need not be 5 consecutive days.
Portland, Oregon


I'm a Senior Assistant Dean of Admission here at Reed. I had a very successful shadow a couple of years ago -- they currently work in the admission office at Occidental College, despite never having been a Reed admission worker outside the shadow experience! This shadow would join me in my daily work as I interview prospective students, give info sessions, read applications, and so on. This is also a chance to do some big-picture thinking about higher education and learn about how issues like DACA and affirmative action affect our work on the ground. The shadow would have the chance to meet with a variety of other staff members in admission and learn about their work, and also to learn about other options in the college counseling profession, like working for a high school or community-based organization.


The ideal shadow would have some exposure to major issues facing higher education, perhaps having taken a class or done research in the area. A desire to work in admission specifically is not required, though I would prefer a student who wants a career in education.

Attire is business casual.

Higher Ed: Tufts University: Maker Space, Engineering, Imagineering

2 shadows, no housing offered. 1 or 2 wks depending on interest
Boston, MA


Education researcher, curriculum developer, robotics instructor: Tufts University, Boston Public Schools, others.

This is an opportunity to see how LEGO robotics and Scratch coding are used in elementary education. It will combine hands-on work at Tufts Center for Engineering Education and Outreach, conversations with researchers, professors and grad students at Tufts, and daily classroom time in elementary schools around Boston.

What is the mission of your organization?



Requirements: Interest in education, curriculum design, maker spaces, robotics, LEGO.

Attire: Blue jeans or dressier (no sweat pants)

1-2 weeks, TBD based on interest level


Higher Ed: Western State Colorado University

3 shadows, housing offered. Jan 9-13.
Gunnison, CO


I am a math lecturer at Western State Colorado University. Western offers a private-college experience at an affordable cost, deep in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. We deliver a full, four-year, liberal arts curriculum with graduate programs. And with an average class size of just 17 students, professors will handcraft your education to fit your interests and prepare you for a career. 


Interest in higher education. 

Attire is business casual. Dress warmly, it gets down to -40 F in January.

Higher Education: Reed College Alumni Programs

2 students, housing offered. Jan 2-13
Reed College


Assistant Director of Alumni Programs. You'd get to see the ins and outs of what actually goes into developing alumni programs.

Mission: Increase engagement for Reed Alumni through services and programming.


If you're passionate about higher education administration and non-profit work as well as getting a deeper understanding of what it's like to work behind the scenes at Reed with a very eclectic user base.

Requirements: General interest in Reed. Business casual attire.

Journalism: Architecture, Wall Street Journal

1 shadow, housing provided. 1 day within window
Portland, Oregon


Reporter for the Wall Street Journal. I write profiles of people and their homes. I don't usually write about projects in Portland but I could arrange to do that for the day the student would shadow. They would accompany me on the interview and photo shoot.


Interest in architecture and journalism and the creation thereof.

Journalism: ReThink Media

2 shadows, no housing offered. Flex, recommends minimum of 5, maximum of ten days
San Francisco, California


Director, Media & Opinion Analysis, at ReThink Media. I manage a range of research and analysis projects, from tracking polling on our issues to quantitative analysis of proprietary media databases to qualitative message frame analysis.

ReThink Media is a unique nonprofit organization that works with other nonprofits to improve their media and communications. We take on issues rather than individual clients and make multi-year commitments to each issue space. Our model is all about collaboration, and we build the capacity of individual orgs and issue sectors via training, tools, strategy, and intelligence—all driven by data and qualitative analysis.


Depending on the interests of the Winter Shadow candidate, I would want to give them a small hands-on project to complete, such as researching how the Trump administration is framing the issue of civilian casualties from drones or whether voting rights advocates are on-message in media interviews.

In addition, Shadows will meet the rest of my colleagues (mostly media/communications professionals), see what it's like to apply academic research skills to real-world advocacy, experience a small nonprofit organization, and get a taste of how we try to influence the media coverage of vital political issues. I'll do my best to tailor the experience to candidates' interests.

Social sciences major or likely major. Recommend at least second-year student with some basic social sciences understanding.

Business casual attire, leaning toward casual (it's California).

Journalism/Data: The Oregonian Data Editor

1 shadow, no housing offered. Dates negotiable
Portland, Oregon


I'm the data editor of The Oregonian, which day-to-day looks like finding datasets, analyzing and maybe visualizing them with charts or other graphics, and collaborating with reporters to answer the questions they have about data.

Our mission is to cover local issues, usually on the scale of Oregon as a whole or the Portland metro area.​ My team's purpose is to make the data behind those issues comprehensible and interesting.


A Reedie shadowing would likely work on one story of their own design, if they prefer, as well as observing how we assist other reporters. If they don't feel confident initiating a project, they can work with a reporter!​

Any year or major is welcome, though students in social science might be best prepared! For a student to succeed in such a short amount of time, he or she should be comfortable with at least descriptive and ideally inferential statistics. Ideally they'll also have worked on a newspaper at some point, whether at Reed or in high school. Bonus: some familiarity with programming in R or Python.

There will be a process to work with HR to get set up with a laptop and a badge here.​

Journalism/Environment: High Country News

1 shadow, help finding local housing. Jan 8-12
Paonia, Colorado


I am the deputy editor-digital of High Country News, which means I oversee the digital operations of the magazine.

Our mission is to inform and inspire people – through in-depth journalism – to act on behalf of the West's diverse natural and human communities.


A shadow would get a chance to try their hand at reporting and writing, as well as access the editors here who be happy to discuss professional trajectory and next steps.

No requirements save for interest in journalism and/or storytelling.

Paonia can be difficult to access but we can likely provide housing in town and transportation to town.

Journalism/Social Media: Wikimedia Foundation

1 shadow, no housing offered. 2 day duration, dates TBD
San Francisco, California


Wikimedia Foundation is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to encouraging the growth, development and distribution of free, multilingual, educational content, and to providing the full content of these wiki-based projects to the public. We operate some of the largest collaboratively edited reference projects in the world, including Wikipedia.

Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. That's our commitment.


Passion for open source knowledge is what you need to be a good fit for this shadow.

Journalism/Radio: KCUR public radio

2 shadows, no housing offered. Weekdays 1/2-13
Kansas City, KS


I'm the news director at KCUR public radio. I edit and assign stories to reporters for audio and web. 


Reedies interested in journal and radio work. Communication skills. 

Attire is business casual. 

Journalism/Science: AAAS

1 shadow, housing offered. Jan 8-11
Washington, District of Columbia


Multimedia manager at Science Magazine/The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

Mission: Science publishing, to communicate and advocate for science.


The shadow would be able to attend editorial meetings with Science research editors and Science news editors, observe audio editing, video editing, podcast interview recording, etc. If I get boring, another member of the team that focuses on news writing or animation could be shadowed.

Requirements: Comfortable reading a scientific paper and is interested in digital media/art (video or audio).

Attire is biz casual.


Law: Boutique Real Estate & Civil Litigation Law Firm

2 shadows, housing provided. January 8-12.
Houston, Texas


Boutique Real Estate & Civil Litigation Law Firm Owner and Managing Attorney of Lambright & Associates - 3 attorneys, 7 employees. We strive to make people actually like lawyers, and to leave our clients emotionally and financially in a better place than when we met them.

The Shadow(s) will get to be team members in whatever we have going on at the time. Generally we have at least one jury trial in January, so it may include watching and assisting in trial preparations or attending a trial. Although, it could be simply seeing what we do all day.


Looking for Reedies who are interested in law. Good attitude, nice and friendly.

Attire is business casual. 

Law: Davis Wright Tremaine

1 shadow, housing provided. January 8-12.
New York City, New York


Assisting in legal matters for clients; the NY office has a media practice, trademark practice, labor and employment practice, corporate and general litigation.


Overall interest in working in a large law firm that offers various practices.

Attire is business professional. 

Law: Federal Defenders of San Diego, Inc.

1 shadow, housing offered. Jan 3-12
San Diego, California


Assistant Federal Defender, Federal Defenders of San Diego, Inc.

Come watch court, maybe go on investigation; depending on how much notice maybe I could get permission for students to visit my clients in jail.

Mission: We represent people who are charged with federal crimes in the Southern District of California who can not afford counsel, which is basically everyone.


No requirements other than an interest in law and the defense of those accused.

Attire is business formal.

Law: Public Schools - Foster, Rorick, LLC

2 shadows, housing offered. Jan 11 or 12
Seattle, Washington


I am a partner in the law firm Porter Foster Rorick LLC. We represent public school districts and municipalities. Within the requirements of client confidentiality the Shadow could network with attorneys in our office, observe the operation of a law firm and learn about issues facing public sector clients, especially those in K-12 education.

We provide legal representation to public school districts and municipalities in Washington state.


No qualifications required. Attire is business attire (not casual).


Law: Oregon State Bar

2 shadows, no housing offered. 2-10 days in duration
Portland, Oregon


Shadow lawyers in the General Counsel Department at the Oregon State Bar. Learn about the practice of law in Oregon, lawyer discipline, and the bar's efforts to protect the public and increase access to justice.
The mission of the Oregon State Bar is to serve justice by promoting respect for the rule of law, by improving the quality of legal services, and by increasing access to justice.


Last year's shadows had the opportunity to attend legal events, meet judges, observe court proceedings and the legislative process, and learn about the publication of the bar's magazine for members, The Bulletin.

Business attire is appropriate.

Law: Trial Lawyer, Seiler Epstein Ziegler & Applegate LLP

2 shadows, housing offered. Dates open and negotiable
San Francisco, California


Trial lawyer - often in court.

Seiler, Epstein, Ziegler, and Applegate (SEZA) is a San Francisco law firm whose clients have included Silicon Valley executives, Bay Area Fortune 500 companies, business start-ups, government agencies, individuals and small businesses. Our attorneys handle complex civil matters and also provide strategic counsel outside the litigation context. Our mission is to solve clients' legal issues.


I think any class year or major would be appropriate.

You would feel out of place in jeans and a tee shirt. Business casual is fine.

Law: Washington Defender Association

2 shadows, housing offered. Jan 8-12
Seattle, Washington


Executive Director, Washington Defender Association. WDA is a statewide professional association and resource center for public defenders in Washington state. Could participate in activities related to the legislative session and policy issues.

WDA is the voice of the public defense community and provides support for zealous and high quality legal representation by advocating for change, educating defenders, and collaborating with other justice system stakeholders and the broader community to bring about just solutions.


No requirements other than an interest in public defense or the criminal justice system.

Attire is business casual.

Law/Social Welfare: Legal Aid Society of San Mateo

2 shadows, no housing offered. Flex, January 3-13
Redwood City, California


I am Directing Attorney with the Legal Aid Society of San Mateo County, managing the housing and eviction defense practice. The goal of my firm is to prevent homelessness. Students can observe and even assist at legal clinics. 


Individuals interested in Law and Social Welfare.

Attire is casual. 

Legislative: Cultural Affairs - New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs

1 shadow, no housing offered. Flex, January 2-13.
Santa Fe, NM


I am director of Legislative Affairs, Policy and Facilities Management for the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs (eight State Museums; eight State Historic Sites, State Library, Arts, Historic Preservation, and Archaeology). I work directly under the Cabinet Secretary. Our mission is to promote and preserve New Mexico's cultural resources

Our legislative session starts January 16, 2017. The first couple of weeks in January will be very busy preparing for our agency budget hearing (likely January 11); perhaps meeting with state legislators; discuss lobbying strategies; possibly review legislative proposals if there are any. 


Interest in the field of arts administration, cultural heritage, or public policy.

Attire is business professional. No torn clothes or purple hair. This is not about rebellion; it's about the opportunity to see real job opportunities in the fields of arts or public policy.

Legislative: Public Health Policy, Oregon Health Authority

2 shadows, no housing offered. Flexible dates and duration
Portland, Oregon


As a Policy Analyst for the Oregon Health Authority-Public Health Division, I work with state and local partners to develop, promote, and implement policies and systems designed to prevent and reduce the burden of chronic disease in Oregon.

Mission: Improve the health and well-being of Oregonians.



Are you interested in working in the public sector? Are you interested in public health and/or public policy?

This shadow will give you a sense of how health policy is approached, written, enacted, and/or amended.

Legislative: Redistricting Reform Project

1 shadow, housing offered. Jan 8-13
Washington, District of Columbia


Consultant, Redistricting Reform Project. Focus of work (a) to help gain traction with funders and bring additional money to redistricting work; (b) keep funders in the loop on what is happening on redistricting efforts; (c) network with groups in states working on redistricting reforms and assist them where possible; and (d) identify needs for future convenings and assist in meeting those needs.

The Redistricting Reform Project aims to support organizations working to ensure fair, transparent redistricting at the state level.


Understanding of politics, democratic theory.

Attire is casual with occasional need for business wear.


Librarianship: Reed College Librarians

3 shadows, no housing offered. Jan 2-13
Reed College


Ever wonder what librarians do all day? Are you considering becoming a librarian?

Join the Reed College librarians to learn more about librarianship. The goal of the program is to expose the variety of work that takes place in an academic library.


The student will learn more about the inner workings of the Reed library and will contribute to projects in various departments including:

-Archives and Special Collections
-Digital Scholarship and Collections
-Technical Services

In addition, the student will have the opportunity to meet and interview a range of different types of academic librarians (e.g. archives, art, data, digital collections, humanities, science, social sciences, etc.).

We hope that this will be a fun and engaging experience for any student considering a career as an academic librarian.

The library is a central part of intellectual and cultural life at Reed. Its mission is to provide collections and services that support the educational goals of the college.

The Reed College Library provides collections, staff, services and physical spaces that meet the study, teaching and research needs of Reed students, faculty and staff, and promotes the effective use of these resources.

In fulfilling this mission the Library is guided by principles and priorities that include:

Focus on the Reed curriculum
Development of information competencies as integral to a Reed education
Ease and continuity of access to library resources in all formats
Judicious selection and implementation of information technologies
Continuing education and development of library staff
Collaboration with campus departments, academic libraries and other partners
Respect for individuals, for diverse points of view, and for the free exchange of ideas
Confidentiality of library records and privacy of library users
Reed College's Honor Principle

Casual attire.

Library Sci: Yale Law School

1 shadow, no housing available. Flexible.
New Haven, CT


I am an Associate Librarian for Research Instruction Yale Law School. I teach Advanced Legal Research, oversee the research curriculum, advise students, and manage other research instructors.


Reedies interested in library work. Organized, friendly, and professional. 

Attire is formal wear. 

Library Science: Science Library, University of Akron

2 shadows, housing offered. Jan 8-12
Akron, Ohio


Assistant Professor, Physical Sciences Librarian, Interim Head, Science Library at the University of Akron.

University of Akron is a large public university not unlike Portland State. We provide high quality, affordable education for students of all ages, most of them commuters. We have a robust research program in the sciences, specifically polymer science.


I could provide some insight into academic librarianship - it's a highly variable job, but I do instruction, original research, facilitate scientific research, manage people, do facilities operations (keep the lights on), but mostly I help people who have information needs connect with the information they need. I can also tour a student around different parts of the library system such as the University Archives, the cataloging area, or the Center for the History of Psychology, which is a really interesting collection on campus. I've been on a number of search committees and have given help and advice to many younger librarians that is direct and practical. If nothing else I will teach students how to apply for and get jobs.

Requirements: none. Librarianship is a very diverse field, but my job is of particular interest to science majors that don't necessarily want to go on to PhD research. Most people fall into librarianship accidentally somehow, so I would be a bit surprised if any undergrad wanted to do what I do, but what I do is pretty cool.

Attire is business casual for me, "non distracting" for everyone - no hot pants, midrifts, muscle shirts, mesh tanks, spandex, etc.. You should not smell of B.O., petchuli, perfume, or aftershave. Jeans and a t-shirt are fine. Full goth is fine. Hip-hop is fine. Jeans with a rip in the butt and a shirt that has a foot tall expletive is not fine, stormtrooper costume is not fine.

Any day, but we have to school age kids and three cats. You've been warned. That said I live in a cool walking friendly neighborhood with surprising amenities nearby.

University of Akron is non-smoking and so is our house. We are LGBTQ friendly and so is the neighborhood. Although I am white as the snow, I grew up in Detroit and UA is a diverse urban university with many international students and I would be surprised (and disappointed in myself mostly) if any Reed student felt uncomfortable visiting. But seriously, someone with cat allergies will be miserable.

Library Science: Systems Librarian, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine

2 shadows, housing offered. Dates flexible
Portland, Oregon


My specialty is cataloging and systems (i.e., library stuff done while staring at computers). Typical daily activities include: cataloging and processing new books, processing ILL article requests, processing requests from our consortium library partners, uploading and organizing our online videos, updating information on our library website, answering reference emails, pounding on broken printers, etc.

The mission of Oregon College of Oriental Medicine is to transform health care by educating highly skilled and compassionate practitioners, providing exemplary patient care, and engaging in innovative research within a community of service and healing. The Library has its own mission statement which I think is pretty snazzy. It is as follows: OCOM Library is the natural remedy for information stagnation. Students, faculty, and alumni will find an inquisitive and supportive community of researchers, along with a collection of print and digital resources primed to help them master their academic studies, encourage inquiry, and continue on as research-literate practitioners.


If the student is game, one of the bigger on-going projects we have is cataloging Chinese language books. Don't read Chinese? Me neither! But it is still possible, just slow going, but fun in an Encyclopedia Brown kind of way.

If you are interested in another aspect of librarianship -- like reference or instruction -- we can probably also set up something for you that focuses on those areas.

No requirements save for an interest in libraries and/or Chinese medical modalities.

Attire is pretty casual, but neat and tidy.

We are located downtown on several bus and Max lines and we have plenty of bike parking. We have no parking lot so I do not recommend driving. You will need to check in with security when you come and go should you not be with me.

Library Science: Urban & Public Affairs,Portland State

1 shadow, no housing offer. Jan 8-12


I am the Urban & Public Affairs Librarian at Portland State. My work consists of helping students, faculty, and staff in the areas of Political Science, Urban Studies & Planning, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Public Health, and Public Administration. One of the things that I do is have one-on-one consultations in my office. I also teach class sessions focused on information literacy and research. Depending on when a student chooses to shadow, we will attend meetings, be preparing for winter term courses by developing class outlines, etc, and possibly teaching some classes. It could also be arranged for the shadow to observe at the reference desk and circulation desks during this time. I'm also happy to work with colleagues here to gear some observations/activities based on the student's interests.



Depending on when a student chooses to shadow, we will attend meetings, be preparing for winter term courses by developing class outlines, etc, and possibly teaching some classes. It could also be arranged for the shadow to observe at the reference desk and circulation desks during this time. I'm also happy to work with colleagues here to gear some observations/activities based on the student's interests.

Interest in librarianship.

Attire is informal but not sloppy. If I am not teaching I frequently wear jeans. On days I teach I do not wear jeans. (no holes in clothes, etc.)

Medical/Science Research: VA and OHSU

3 shadows, no housing offered. Jan 8-13
Portland, Oregon


I am a researcher at the Dept. of Veterans Affairs and Associate Professor at Oregon Health and Science University. My area of study is human auditory perception, focusing on the effects of age, hearing loss, and brain injury. Our work takes place in laboratories at OHSU and the VA Medical Center and is funded entirely through competitive awards from NIH and VA.

Our goal is to improve hearing health for veterans and members of the general public through improving the prevention, diagnosis, characterization, and rehabilitation of damage to the systems of hearing and balance.


A Reedie doing a shadow with me would get to experience our testing procedures and learn about auditory perception.


Medicine: Indiana University

1 shadow, housing offered. Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday in that time period (Jan 2-13).
Indianapolis, Indiana


I am a physician with Indiana University. I see patients from age preemie to 23 years.


A Reedie would observe all manner of conditions, illnesses and check ups over the course of a day, we are never able to predict! We do a lot of teaching at the office; it is academically affiliated with the medical center downtown in Indianapolis.

Interest in health care and medicine. 

Attire is business casual. 

Medicine: Kaiser Permanente

4 shadows, no housing offered. Flex, January 2-13.
Portland, OR


I am an Interventional Pulmonolgist and Critical Care Medicine Physcian at Kaiser Permanente. The mission of Kaiser is to provide high quality health care.


Anyone who shadows will need to complete background check and have appropriate immunizations this will need to be completed and approved prior to coming on site.

Reedies interested in the medical/health care field are invited to apply.

Attire is professional - suit/tie not required but no jeans/t-shirts.

Medicine: Pediatric Neurosurgery

2 shadows, no housing offered. Dates are open
Milwaukie, Wisconsin


I am a pediatric neurosurgeon.

Our mission is the help children.


Bring an interest in medicine and neurosurgery, specifically in treating children.

Attire is professional.

Medicine: Sanford Medical Center

1 shadow, housing provided. January 2-12
Sioux Falls, SD


I am a Professor of Medicine and Neuroscience, Division Chief Nephrology, University of South Dakota, and Program Director Sanford Transplant Center and Medical director of Neurocritical Care at Sanford Medical Center. 

January 2-7 would be caring for Transplant and Nephrology patients. January 8-13 would be rounding in the Neuro-ICU.


This shadow will allow participant to attend rounds in the hospital and clinic.

Students considering employment in health care. 

Attire is business casual.

Medicine: Surgeon, Surgical Associates of Austin

2 shadows, no housing offered. 3-5 days within Jan 2-13
Austin, Texas


Shadow a Reedie surgeon working in private practice who participates heavily in medical missions and alternative healthcare access in addition to specializing in renal medicine and kidney transplants.

Website URL


Interest in learning about the work of a surgeon.

Business casual attire, close-toed shoes.

Medicine: Yale School of Medicine National Clinician Scholars Program

2 shadows, housing offered. Time flexible
New Haven, Connecticut


I'm a post-doctoral fellow currently employed by the Yale School of Medicine in the National Clinician Scholars Program. My background is in medicine. I'm board certified in both internal medicine and rheumatology. My research interests focus on how to address disparities in access to care for rural and American Indian/Alaska Native populations.

"The mission of the National Clinician Scholars Program (NCSP) at Yale is to prepare future clinician leaders to improve health and health care in the United States."


No requirements, save for interest. Office attire is casual, although Connecticut winters can be very cold. Clinic shadows may be possible but will require significant advanced notice as my clinic is at the VA.

Medicine/Research: Consultants in Neurology MS Center

5 shadows, housing not provided. Time flexible
Northbrook, Illinois


I wear several hats: Director, Clinical Research; Director, Consultants in Neurology MS Center; physician.

Mission: provide cutting edge neurologic care and research.


We would like to hear goals of students prior to having them come, preferably by telephone (CLBR will provide number).

Attire is business casual. NOTE: we are in a northern Chicago suburb a few blocks from the train station, near Northbrook Court Shopping Center, and therefore easily accessible by car or public transportation. IT IS COLD here in winters. Gloves, thick coats are really important.


Music: Vishnu Trumpet

2 shadows, housing offered. Duration and dates flexible within Jan 2-13 window
Los Angeles, California


I run an underground new music discovery club, the vt.

We're the only music streaming service in the world that pays artists fairly.

I'm founder & CEO / Artist-in-Chief

Our mission is to nurture a creative renaissance that transforms the music industry and shift's humanity towards peace, love and harmony among all beings across the universe.


Aside from a love for music, just passion, curiosity & humility. Just be able to travel around Los Angeles with me taking meetings and attending shows.

You are welcome to stay with us as long as you are comfortable w 2 small children with morning & bedtime routines.

Non-Profits: STEM After School, Saturday Academy

2 shadows, no housing. Jan 2-13
University of Portland Campus, Portland


Sponsor has a background in neuroscience, and is an OHSU faculty alumna.

Saturday Academy exists to respond to children's curiosity through classes, camps and internships taught by community professionals. Thus, children learn deeply and see the careers that follow education.


The Reed students would get an idea of how a nonprofit works, what each of the staff do, observe a class if one is ongoing, design a workshop or piece of curriculum and jump into on-going projects.

Interested in students who major in the sciences, technology, engineering or math. Casual attire that is neat and clean.


NonProfit: Finance and Analysis, American Red Cross

2 shadows, no housing offered. Jan 4-5; 8-10
Portland, Oregon


I'm a financial planning & analysis manager at the American Red Cross. In my work I develop, routinize, and automate when possible business intelligence to improve the performance of an earned income branch of the organization. This creates a unique set of drivers in the day to day: the dual bottom line for our department is to turn compassion into action by ensuring that in an emergency, there are always trained individuals nearby ready to save lives - and to deliver margin to the emergency response and disaster relief areas of the organization.

The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.​


Sophomore and above. Demonstrated interest in service/nonprofits/NGOs, particularly in operations or finance.

Business casual attire.

Nursing/Public Health: Multnomah County Health Department Student Health Center Nurse Practitioner

2 shadows, housing offered. Jan 8-12
Portland, Oregon


I am a family nurse practitioner working for the Multnomah County Health Department in a student health center. I provide culturally competent, high-quality primary care to kids aged five through 14.

Through partnerships we promote whole community, whole school, and whole child health, wellness and readiness to learn by being located in schools.


Shadows will have to complete an online privacy training before you arrive for your shadows.

Professional attire - no jeans, no shorts, skirts below the knee. I often wear slacks and button down shirt or dress/tunic and leggings. Closed- toe shoes.

Psychological Research: Arizona State University

2 shadows, no housing offered. Jan 8-13
Tempe, Arizona


I am an assistant professor in the psychology department at Arizona State University.


In my lab we explore how cooperation and conflict shape life, from human societies to cellular interactions.

Psychology and/or Evolutionary Biology background required.

Academic business casual.

Student would need to apply to be a volunteer through ASU for the time of the shadow for security reasons.

Publishing: Northwestern University Press

1 shadow, no housing offered. Jan 2-13
Evanston, Illinois


I am the Managing Editor and Director of the Editorial, Design, and Production Department at Northwestern University Press.

We publish scholarly books in the humanities and some fiction, drama, poetry and books of regional interest.


A Reed student would get some insights into the world of university press publishing, and could help prepare manuscripts for copyediting by tagging them in XML, assist with proofreading books and ebooks, and gain familiarity with the Chicago Manual of Style.

English majors with an interest in publishing preferred.

Attire is casual.

Religious Studies: Jewish Community High School of the Bay, Temple Beth Hillel Reform Shul

2 shadows, no housing offered. Jan 3-5
San Francisco, California


I am a rabbi. I teach modern Jewish history and am one of two deans of students at the Jewish Community High School of the Bay (a four-year high school) in San Francisco. I am also the rabbi of Temple Beth Hillel, a small Reform congregation in Richmond in the East Bay.

JCHS mission: JCHS is a unique college preparatory high school committed to integrating deep learning, universal wisdom, and Jewish values.

We empower each student to embrace her or his Jewish identity, generate empathy and compassion, delight in lifelong education, and improve the world.

Temple Beth Hillel Mission: To cultivate a caring, deeply spiritual and authentic Jewish community that supports its members through prayer, study, and acts of loving kindness.


Needed: a desire to learn more about Judaism and Jewish culture and education.

I will need to get approval for a student to shadow me at JCHS, before 12/15. If someone wants to shadow me at the synagogue, maturity and goals will be important considerations.

Attire is business casual.

Religious Studies: Zen Buddhism

5 shadows, housing provided. Jan 11-14th
Portland, Oregon


I am a Buddhist monk and the chief priest of a small temple.

To help beings learn about and practice Zen Buddhism.


A student might see what living as a monk is like and get a sense for what Zen Buddhist practice might offer.

Required? Just an interest in Zen Buddhism or meditation practice.

Respectful casual is how I'd describe attire appropriate for the shadow.

This would be a retreat type experience and a shadow would be staying overnight in the temple.

Scientific Research: Colorado University at Boulder

3 shadows, no housing offered. January 8-12.
Boulder, Colorado


I am PhD Candidate, HHMI Gilliam Fellow, University of Colorado Boulder. CU-Boulder’s vision is grounded in its statutory mission as a national public research university. In Colorado statute, the university is defined as the “comprehensive graduate research university with selective admissions standards . . . offer(ing) a comprehensive array of undergraduate, master and doctoral degree programs” of what is now designated the University of Colorado System.

I research bacterial electrophysiology, so the students would observe research with lots of microscopes and bacterial cultures, as well as what graduate student life is like. 


Biology/chemistry/physics, knowledge of basic biology.

Sophomore - Seniors preferred. 

Attired: Casual, close toed shoes.

Scientific Research: USDA-Agricultural Research Service (ARS)

1 shadow, no housing offered. Jan 3-13.
Hilo, Hawaii


I'm a supervisory research biologist with the USDA-Agricultural Research Service in Hilo, Hawaii. I manage a team of scientists and my personal research program on invasive pests.  We are one of the world's premier scientific organizations. Our nationally-coordinated research solves problems that affect Americans daily.


Science background or interest.

Attire is lab-appropriate clothes, including closed-toe shoes.

Scientific Research: UW Functional Genomics

2 shadows, no housing offered. Flex, January 2-13.
Seattle, WA


I am a research Scientist, University of Washington, Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Science, Functional Genomics Laboratory.


Through this shadow a Reedie can learn genotyping, immunoassays, DNA and RNA extractions.

Interest in research or education with a basic knowledge about DNA, RNA, and proteins. 

Attire is casual lab-wear with close-toed shoes.

Scientific Research: Brain Science, Dartmouth

1 shadow, housing offered. Jan 3-13
Hanover, New Hampshire


Assistant Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences at Dartmouth College (

The central goal of the laboratory is to understand the computational processes underlying social interactions and their neurobiological substrates.



A Reedie could see what it's like to conduct brain imaging research on emotion and social interactions.

Interest in psychology, neuroscience, or computer science.

No dress code, but it is winter in New Hampshire.

Scientific Research: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

1 shadow, housing offered. Jan 2-13
Seattle, Washington


I am a staff scientist in the lab of Stephen Tapscott at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. My work involves understanding molecular mechanisms that regulate expression of DUX4, the gene causative for facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD). I also contribute to the identification of therapeutic interventions for the disease.

The mission of Fred Hutch is the elimination of cancer and related diseases as causes of human suffering and death.


During their Shadow, the student would participate in wet-lab bench experiments that utilize standard molecular and cell biology assays, including mammalian tissue culture; read and discuss scientific papers; attend lab meetings and seminars; and have the opportunity to meet with graduate students, postdocs and medical fellows to discuss possible career paths.

Juniors and seniors, please. Biology majors preferred.

The student is welcome to stay in my spare room during the Shadow. I live with my partner (also a Reedie) and our 19 month old in a co-op apartment building that sits at the intersection of the Ravenna, Roosevelt, and U District neighborhoods of Seattle. The area is a mix of students and families, has convenient access to restaurants and grocery stores, and is serviced by several bus lines (one of which goes right to Fred Hutch and is how I often commute to lab).

Scientific research: Juno Therapeutics

4 shadows, housing offered. Flex, 3-5 days
Seattle, Washington


Juno Therapeutics is developing state-of-the-art gene-modified living cell therapies for treating cancer and other diseases, and is conducting a number of clinical trials. They have built a world-class, state-of-the-art research and development facility in trendy South Lake Union in Seattle.

Below are general topic areas where interested students can shadow a scientist for a day. There will be an opportunity to shadow up to 5 scientists in 5 different topic areas over 5 days (one scientist shadow per day).


1. Bioinformatics/computational biology/research informatics
2. Tumor microenvironment
3. State-of-the-art chromatin structure/modification analysis (ATAC-seq) by gene sequencing
4. High-speed single cell RNA/DNA sequencing
5. In vivo tumor therapy modeling (mouse models)
6. 19-color flow cytometry: multiparameter cell analysis
7. Bio-engineering/bio-processing: late stage cell therapy product engineering
8. Gene-editing/gene-control as therapeutic approaches (transposons, viral transduction, CRISPR, etc.)
9. Target discovery and TCR (T cell receptor) tumor-antigen discovery and chimeric antigen-receptor development (finding new tumor targets and developing receptors for attaching the tumor targets)

Students could select up to 5 topic areas where I would assign them to a scientist to shadow (I might have you list your top 6 choices and you can get at least 5 of the 6). If there is any area they are excruciatingly interested in, I could get them shadows with 2 different scientist in a particular area, so they could get an even deeper dive into the discipline.


Curiosity and an interest in drug development.

Scientific Research: Primate Lab

4 students, 2 days, one day with each researcher. No housing offered. Jan 10-12
Beaverton, Oregon


Researcher 1: I'm an academic Research Assistant Professor at the Oregon National Primate Research Center at Oregon Health and Science University where I do work in neuroscience, obesity and infertility. Researcher 2: I am a Professor of Neuroscience at the Oregon National Primate Research Center and at OHSU. I run a research lab aimed at finding ways to repair brain damage in people and animals with demyelinating and other conditions (like multiple sclerosis and dementias).

Mission: To perform biomedical research aimed at finding cures for diseases and conditions that affect humans and animals.


A job shadow could include watching molecular work at the bench, attending lab meetings, a tour of the facility, scientific seminars, etc. Students will attend a lab meeting where you will hear about the current status of several research projects; tour the lab facilities and the primate center; and talk with scientists at the center about their research and career paths.

To join this shadow, please have a major in biology, psychology or chemistry, or neuroscience.

Attire: casual, but with closed toed shoes and full length pants. Be prepared to walk outdoors for part of the time. Students can arrive by MAX (there is a station just a few blocks away) or by car (there are no parking fees on this campus). A guard at the entrance will direct them. We will provide more detailed logistics information closer to shadow. 

Scientific research: Synthetic, inorganic chem, UC Berkeley

2 shadows, no housing offered. Jan 4-12
Berkeley, California


5th year Chemistry Ph.D. candidate, Fischer Group, UC Berkeley.

I'm a synthetic chemist, inorganic by training, doing organic, organometallic, and polymer synthesis. Chances are good you'll see me in lab making/purifying some organic molecules, polymers, and/or transition metal complexes. I frequently use air-free (Schlenk and glovebox) techniques, and lots of NMR spectroscopy (and even train new users of our NMR facility).

"Mission" is a weird term for an academic research group, but our "mission" is to make and study carbon-rich organic electronic materials. On the "make" side, sometimes we leverage methods others have developed, sometimes we develop whole new chemistries to access materials we want to study. On the "study" side, we collaborate heavily with physicists and electrical engineers who help us predict and probe the physics and electronic properties of the materials we make (and suggest cool physics/phenomena we might be able to observe with the right molecular designs).


You'll get a picture of what life in a Chemistry Ph.D. program might be like.

Junior and up preferred (e.g. having taken Chem 202 or Chem 212), chemistry/chemphys/BMB major preferred though some physics majors might be interested.

Long pants and closed-toed shoes, but otherwise casual attire.

Scientific Research/Sustainability: Quantitative Genetics

2 shadows, housing offered. Jan 4-12
Fort Collins, Colorado


I'm a quantitative geneticist working on understanding drought tolerance in rice, as a postdoctoral fellow at Colorado State University.

Mission: Scientific research, both basic (plant science) and applied (agriculture).


During the shadow, the student can experience the life of a working scientist and do some data collection (and analysis if their interest/skills allow) in a research-intensive university setting. This could include working in greenhouses, growth chambers, the molecular lab, or on a computer server as interested!

A basic understanding of genetics is essential, and a deeper understanding of plant biology, evolution, genetics and/or computer programming could come in handy.

Casual attire generally, but closed-toed shoes and long pants are required for laboratory work.

Social Justice: Bailey's Cafe

2 shadows, housing provided by a different host. Dates will be firmed up with shadows
Brooklyn, New York


I am the executive director and founder of Bailey's Cafe a Brooklyn-based non profit connecting the generations to make a better world.

Bailey's Cafe is a center for education and cultural activity. We believe in nurturing and guiding individuals in their pursuit of self-knowledge through writing, cooking, music, dance and fine arts. We aim to create an atmosphere of collective awareness, respect and responsibility, built on the talents and resources of the community.


The shadow(s) would observe/participate in our after school arts-based rites/rights of passage program; perhaps our dance conservatory; community gatherings around social justice, wellness, gentrification and other issues relevant to the community, etc.

Requirements: an interest in community work, artistic expression, an open mind and heart.

No dress code.

We are currently located in a store front in Bedford-Stuyvesant. There is no security or issues of access, you don't need a key or a code to get in.

Social Justice: Disability Rights, Enable, Inc.

2 shadows, housing offered. Jan 2-13
Princeton, New Jersey


I am Director of Marketing & Special Events, for Enable, Inc.

Providing the services that make it possible for people with disabilities and seniors to live as independently as possible in the community-- not in institutions.


Projects vary depending on student's interest. Can include

  • Digital marketing (website, social media), developing a Facebook or LinkedIn campaign, writing posts
  • Assisting with planning and implementing a special event fundraiser
  • Creating a plan for fundraising through digital media

Interest in the subnkect matter and the people with whom we engage are requirements. Shadows are welcome to dress casually, just respectfully and neatly.

Social Justice: Domestic Violence, My Sister's Place

1 shadow, housing offered. Dates are flexible including full duration
Scarsdale, New York


I am Senior Associate Counsel in the Legal Department of My Sisters' Place, a non-profit domestic violence agency. My Sisters' Place (MSP), founded in 1978, provides comprehensive shelter, advocacy, legal services and supportive services for victims of domestic violence and human trafficking in Westchester County, New York. The Center for Legal Services (CLS) was established in 1997 in response to our clients’ urgent need for specialized, high-quality legal services.

The CLS mission is to provide victims of domestic violence and human trafficking greater access to legal protections and remedies critical to their survival, safety and independence. The CLS provides direct legal representation in both family law matters including those with regard to custody, visitation, orders of protection, child support, paternity; as well as immigration matters experienced by undocumented immigrant victims.

MSP strives to end domestic violence and human trafficking through comprehensive services, advocacy, and community education. MSP works to create a world in which every individual has the basic human rights to be free from gender based violence and to engage in relationships that embrace the principles of respect, equality, and safety.


Reedies may be involved or observe the following:

  • Attend court appearances and take notes of what transpires
  • Assist in preparation of motions, exhibits, affidavits, immigration applications, and other trial preparation documents
  • Help with writing for journals, blogs, etc.
  • Help clients prepare financial disclosure affidavits
  • Research custody, visitation and child support issues
  • Outreach to other service providers.
  • Update referral information
  • Research assignments as needed
  • General legal administration

A MSP shadow would need to hold an interest in gender based violence issues.

Office casual attire in the office; In court, more formal, but not super formal.

Social Science Research: Human Services Research Institute

3 shadows, housing offered. Dates flexible w/in Jan 2-13 range
Tualatin, Oregon (suburb west and south of Portland)


I work at the Human Services Research Institute, a nonprofit located in Tualatin, Oregon as a policy analyst. I work on a team to provide consultation on systems change to state and provincial government systems that provide long term services and supports for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. On a typical day, we might have one or two teleconferences with a state, province, or project collaborator. We have many projects at many different points of progress; for part of the day we might have a team meeting to consider service definitions, in another we might discuss evaluating a service framework for a year old system. I also collaborate with the University of Minnesota on a 40+ year study of the movement of people out of institutions and into communities, and a good deal of my work involves collecting, cleaning, and reporting on data for this effort.

In the fields of intellectual and developmental disabilities, substance use and prevention, mental health and child and family services HSRI works to:
-Assist public managers and human service organizations to develop services and supports that work for children, adults, and families
-Enhance the involvement of individuals and their families in shaping policy, priorities and practice
-Improve the capacity of systems, organizations, and individuals to cope with changes in fiscal, administrative, and political realities
-Expand the use of research, performance measurement and evaluation to improve and enrich lives.


Interest in social services, policy, or government are helpful. Sensitivity and an open mind are required.

Casual attire, jeans are ok!

Sustainability and Entrepreneurship: Re-engineering Waste

1 shadow, housing offered and negotiated (read more below) Jan 8-12
Seattle and Starbuck, Washington


We will most likely be working with Columbia Straw Supply, which is owned by my (co-owned) company Human Capital Investments. CSS is in Starbuck WA (N of Walla Walla); we will be scaling straw (if the weather is ok) & developing standard operating procedures around the future acceptance & delivery of baled wheat straw into a next-gen pulp mill which will be under construction a few miles away. This will be good for anybody interested in entrepreneurship, finance, agriculture, or manufacturing.

CSS supplies agricultural residuals. Human Capital develops people and projects to make the world better.


My work situation is fluid & non-traditional so may not be suitable. It's possible I would be in Seattle (& happy to host somebody at home) vs in Eastern WA, or possibly in both. A shadow needs to be comfortable being very flexible. Most interesting I think to somebody with strong entrepreneurial/finance/renewables interest.

Remote location near small town; situated in office trailer/scalehouse. Attire is casual, but crisp.

Sustainability: Certified Organic Ranching

3 shadows, housing provided. Dates flexible
Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada


I help manage a certified organic cattle ranch in Southern Alberta, Canada. We use rotational grazing and Holistic Management practices to try and balance beef production with environmental stewardship and a building a healthy ecosystem. In addition to ranching I sit on the Alberta regional board of the Nature Conservancy of Canada and the board of CCUNESCO Waterton Biosphere Reserve.

We aim to raise quality beef while preserving and protecting a magnificent landscape recognized by the United Nations as a World Heritage Site. Through raising our cattle with an eye towards environmental stewardship we also aim to enhance the health of this land including soil microbiology and wildlife habitat.


This time of year can be challenging weather wise in Southern Alberta. We live in one of the windiest places in the world and the weather can be extreme. We are not as busy with livestock this time of year however we spend a lot of time planning for the following year and reviewing what occurred in the previous year. Visiting students would need to be okay with being in a remote area, the possibility of nasty weather, and have a certain degree of flexibility in so far as what they would spend their time doing. This is not a standard nine to five job and we often change plans.

Casual. Warm clothes, layers. We have extra winter clothing at the ranch if needed.

We have a bunkhouse where students could stay. Our nearest airport is the Calgary International Airport. It is approximately three hours away.

Sustainability: Forest Genetics

2 shadows, housing offered. Dates will be nailed down with shadows
Corvallis, Oregon


My title is Forest Geneticist/Tree Improvement Supervisor at Roseburg Forest Products. In this role, I oversee a large applied tree breeding program. Its primary goal is to develop Douglas-fir trees with increased growth and resilience. My job is about 70% office and 30% field work.

Roseburg is a wood products company headquartered in Springfield, Oregon. It manufactures engineered wood, lumber, softwood plywood, composite and other products. We manage about 650,000 acres of timberlands, mostly in Oregon. I am involved in the management and reforestation of those timberlands.


If a Reedie (or Reedies) were to shadow me, I would have us do some fieldwork, either at a seed orchard in Lebanon, Oregon or in Elkton, Oregon.

The shadow(s) would need to be comfortable working outdoors in the cold, mud and rain and on uneven terrain.

The shadow(s) should have a raincoat and boots and long underwear depending on weather conditions. I could provide PPE if needed (i.e., a hard hat).

The shadow(s) would be welcome to stay at my home in Corvallis and I could drive them to my office (located in rural Lebanon) or to a field site. If we go to a field site that is off a gravel road, they would need to ride in my company pickup.

Sustainability: Hazardous Waste Management, Oregon Metro

1 shadow, no housing offered. 2 day duration
Portland, Oregon


I am the Hazardous Waste Program Manager at Metro.

Metro is a regional government, whose mission is to help shape the future of the greater Portland region and discover tools, services and places that make life better today.


This shadow would focus on household hazardous waste, paint recycling, recycling in general, and sustainability. Part of the shadow is office-based, meeting alumni and others at Metro. The other part is field-related, hazardous wastes, recycling plants.

Attire is business casual with close-toed shoes appropriate for outdoor in weather.



Sustainability: Oregon Environmental Council

1 shadow, no housing offered. Length of shadow open
Portland, Oregon


I am the deputy director at Oregon Environmental Council, a nonprofit, non-partisan, membership-based organization that promotes state-level protective public policies to achieve clean air and water, a healthy climate, and toxic-free environments.

To advance innovative, collaborative and equitable solutions to Oregon's environmental challenges for today and future generations.


Just an interest in our mission would be the prerequisite.

Attire is business casual.

Sustainability: Parks and Recreaction, San Francisco

2 shadows, housing provided. January 3 - 13
South San Francisco, CA


I am the Director of Parks and Recreation, City of South San Francisco. The Department includes Recreation (Licensed Childcare, Aquatics, Sports, Classes, Events, Seniors, Rentals), Park Planning and Maintenance, Facility Planning and Maintenance.

I would need to speak with the student(s) to focus on what is of most interest. We have several large capital projects in progress, including the design of a new, co-located community center/library, and a public/private shoreline development/part at Oyster Point Marina, which may be of interest. Students could be exposed to various administrative functions in local government (department head meeting); attend city council meeting (January 10, 2018); community interface with local government; operation of service areas of interest; capital project development.


Reedies who are interested in sustainability and community work.

Attire is casual.

Sustainability/Environment: Massachusetts Dept of Environmental Protection

2 shadows, no housing offered. January 3 - 5 and 10-12
Boston, MA


At the Massachusetts Dept. of Environmental Protection, I am responsible for planning and evaluation of the agency's environmental protection efforts. I oversee an environmental laboratory located in Lawrence Mass, as well as the office of research and standards. I work on developing new standards, promulgating regulations, planning and evaluating our work. The agency administers a wide variety of environmental programs - from drinking water to solid waste, to toxics and wetland protection. 


Interest in environmental policy, chemistry, biology, law, government, political science would make the visit more valuable.

Attire is business casual. 

Sustainability/Transportation: Bike East Bay

2 shadows, housing provided. Flex, January 2-13.
Oakland, CA


I am the communications director at Bike East Bay. Bike East Bay works to build bicycle-friendly cities through advocacy, education and fun events.

The Reedie can shadow lots of people in our organization to learn how a non-profit advocacy organization is run, and all the unusual career trajectories we took to get here. I can give specific insight on non-profit communications work.


Passion for biking and community growth.

Attire: Bike casual

Tech: Arable Agricultural Supply (supply chains)

2 shadows, no housing offered. Dates TBD
Oakland/Berkeley, California


Arable is dedicated to sustainable agricultural supply chains empowered by predictive analytics of harvest timing, quality, and yield.



An interest in business, design, and agriculture would be helpful. Junior or senior class standing.

Business casual - button down shirt, jeans.

Tech: Bright.Md

2 shadows, no housing offered. Jan 5-10
Portland, OR


Software developer at a, a small but growing health tech company. Reedies would get to see how the whole company works together using our agile practices. Depending on their interests they could spend time with our software engineering team or with our Partner Success team (Account Management & support) or both! Our goal is to make healthcare better. 


None, but an interest in either software development, engineering management, or innovative healthcare technology would make this most valuable for them. 

Attire is casual. 

Tech: Computer Science, Portland State University

2 shadows, no housing offered. Jan 8-13
Portland, Oregon


I'm an associate professor of computer science at Portland State University.


I'd be happy to have a student shadow my research, teaching prep, and service activities.

Some STEM knowledge pretty much required; computing background would be especially helpful.

Tech: Data Governance, Video Games -- Twitch

1 shadow, housing offered. 2 days within Jan 9, 10, 11
San Francisco, California


I'm the Head of Data Governance and Analytics at Twitch, an Amazon business unit in the livestreaming video space. I lead a team of 10 data analysts and data engineers. Might be interesting for someone who'd eventually like a leadership role in analytics or data science.

Since launching in 2011, Twitch has evolved its reputation as the world’s leading social video platform and community for video game culture to now encompass an array of emerging content surfaced by its users.


My ideal shadow would be a woman majoring in STEM (I have a math degree).

Casual attire. Purple hoodies all around.

Tech: Guidewire

3 shadows, housing offered. Dates negotiable within Jan 2-13
Foster City, California (Silicon Valley)


I am a QA engineer with Guidewire Inc. I write and run tests and assess product behavior in light of product requirements.

We are the leading provider of enterprise software to the P&C insurance industry.


Probably just some basic programming knowledge and an interest in the tech industry (non-startup, in this case) would be needed to maximize this opportunity.

Attire is very casual.

Tech: Hearsay Systems

2 shadows, housing offered. Dates and duration open
San Francisco, California


I'm a software engineer at Hearsay Systems in San Francisco.

Provide SAAS products for financial advisors to help them more effectively run their business.


A Reedie would be welcome to join me at work for a day or two to get a taste for the day to day at a software as a service startup, see what kind of work I do, ask questions, hear the pros/cons of software careers, have lunch with myself and coworkers. Good for someone with an interest in software engineering, web development, startups, or "tech companies.

No requirements for this shadow other than interest in tech and in our work.

Jeans and t-shirts. Jeans and collared shirt if you're feeling extravagant.

Meet me in lobby for building access, sign an NDA

Tech: New Relic

1 shadow, no housing offered. January 8-13.
Portland, Oregon


I am the Sr. Manager, Security Operations for New Relic. We are a cloud based software company that develops performance monitoring and measurement for applications and infrastructure.



A Reedie could shadow my team to see how we deal with the day to day information security issues a tech company has to deal with, how we manage the long term goal of securing our digital business, and manage overall information security risk and threats.

Some background in IT or Cloud computing is recommended.

Attire is casual (jeans and clean T-shirts are acceptable).

Tech: Tableau Software

5 shadows, housing offered. Jan 8-12
Seattle, Washington


At Tableau Software, we help people see and understand their data. More than 50,000 customer accounts have chosen Tableau. From the executive suites of Fortune 500 companies to the jungles of Central America, from immunology research labs to high school robotics club meetings, our software can be found anywhere people have data and questions. As a product consultant, we help people analyze their data using the Tableau Product suite.

We help people see and understand their data.


As a student visiting Tableau, you will shadow our customer sales calls to see how Tableau helps solve problems, learn how use the software. Next, you will analyze the data and present your findings to a board as a capstone project. You will leave with an understanding of the software sales process, and an understanding of how to analyze data with Tableau.

A love of data analysis and experience analyzing data are the requirements! 

Anything goes. Some people wear pajamas, shorts, flip flops, etc. In January, most people wear something warm (e.g., a hoodie or sweater) and jeans. Don't forget a rain jacket, because in Seattle, it rains. It could possibly snow.

You will need to sign a non-disclosure agreement stating you will not talk about confidential information shared at Tableau. You will be issued guest passes for the week. We will be meeting at the main office on the first day to get you acquainted with the company.

Additionally, you will receive a homework assignment to better learn and understand the product before arriving for the winter shadow. This assignment is expected to take around ten to twenty hours of work.

Tech: VP Engineering, Salesforce

2 shadows, no housing offered. Jan 8-12
Seattle, Washington


VP, Software Engineering,, Inc. I run a software engineering organization and influence overall technology strategy for the company around how data is moved and computations are performed.'s mission is to help businesses connect with their customers.


Interest in technology. Knowledge of software development. Junior or senior.

Nice-casual (polos, shirts with buttons, etc.); neither shorts nor khakis.

I'll have to arrange for badges. NDAs will be required.

Tech/Entrepreneurial: Gloopen

4 shadows, shadow is remote, no housing necessary. Jan 2-13 if 4 students; Jan 2-7 if 2 or fewer students
Wherever you already are


I'm the co-founder/CEO of -- an advanced web collaboration platform over which people can come together and go beyond basic communication to develop/share cool digital content. An example of cool content is games. We will have you build a game and help you in all the stages from inception to completion. In that way you'll learn a great deal about startups, the mechanics of building software, group collaboration, and much more.

Our mission is to bring people together so that they can meld their ideas into something greater.


Requirements: an open and curious mind mostly. Love of games and gaming. Some knowledge of web development (HTML/Javascript) is helpful. If you have none, we'll give you some homework a week before the shadow starts, so that you will hit the ground running.

Attire is your most comfortable PJs.

You will be working remotely from the comfort of your own residence. At minimum, you need a good Internet connection with a PC/Mac. Grab your most comfy chair as we'll be glued to the screen for the whole work day. To accommodate students joining in from the East coast, we ask the West coast students to join a little early (usually 8AM PST).

Tech/Health Information Technology: OCHIN

2 shadows, no housing offered. Jan 2-13
Hillsboro, Oregon


I am a research associate, and manage a portfolio of federally-funded health policy research projects. I work in an office downtown, and work closely with collaborators at OHSU in the Department of Family Medicine.

Provide an EHR (electronic health record) system to safety net healthcare providers.


A Reedie who shadows me might observe me lead project team meetings, plan project budgets and timelines, draft data use agreements and other compliance-related documents, work on research manuscripts, abstracts, and conference materials, and other project management-related work.

No requirements, but interest in healthcare, research, IT, or nonprofit work would be helpful.

All guests must wear a visitor badge and check in upon building entry. We can work out the logistics after we get connected.

Express Advising and Drop-In Hours 

Express Advising w/ Peer Career Advisers

Spring Semester Hours

Mon, 2pm-4pm, Prexy
Tues, 12pm-2pm, Prexy
Wed, 6pm-8pm, LIB 203
Thurs, 3pm-5pm, Prexy
Fri, 2pm-4pm, Prexy 
Sun, 6pm-8pm, PAB 130

Drop-In Hours w/ CLBR Staff

Fellowships Q&A in Commons: Tuesdays, 11:45am-1:15pm

Grad School, Career, and Internship Q&A in MRC: Wednesdays, 11:30am-1:30pm

Career & Internship Q&A in Commons: Thursdays, 11:30am-1:30pm

Grad School, Career, and Internship Q&A in Commons: Fridays, 11:30am-1:30pm

Note: Please check the announcements on your homepage in Griffin Door for any possible updates or cancellations.

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Hours: M-F, 8:30am-5pm
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