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Welcome Faculty and Staff!

Welcome to the Center for Life Beyond Reed!  As you advise and counsel students and alumni, you can use our online resources as a quick-reference to research graduate school information, fellowships, career areas, and more. Listed below are services that are especially helpful. If you do not find the topic for which you search, please contact us at ext 7550 or Be sure to check our calendar to learn about the Center for Life Beyond Reed sponsored events.

•    Search the online alumni career network to learn about the various career paths of Reed graduates, to find alumni in your discipline, to discover their whereabouts by geographic location, and to contact them directly.

•    You can also gain quick access to other online resources such as Reed’s online Career Insider — powered by Vault; career assessment tools; Reed’s nationwide and international internship database; and graduate and professional school preparation resources.

Many of the resources on the Center for Life Beyond Reed site are behind IRIS for password protection, so please let us know if you have any trouble navigating or connecting to any site.

Other Resources

Letters of Reference

Faculty members are frequently asked to write letters of recommendation for students.  For practical, intelligent, concise, and immensely helpful advice, consult Joe Shall's Writing Recommendation Letters. This handbook advises faculty of the best practices when writing letters for students.  The Center for Life Beyond Reed keeps a copy in its library in Greywood, and Jo Cannon, fellowships and awards committee administrator, has a copy in her office, x7545, Eliot 422.

NACE  Faculty Guide to Ethical and Legal Standards in Student Hiring

Guidelines for Medical School Letters of Evaluation

Looking for speakers to visit department-sponsored events?

With appropriate notification, the Center for Life Beyond Reed can coordinate a presentation tailored specifically to your advisees. Sample topics include "major" career opportunities, resume & cover letters, the job search process, and mock interviewing, pre-professional and graduate school admission advising and standardized-test preparation.  Our staff can also provide you with a list of alumni volunteers (sorted by major, career field, or employer), who would be appropriate for your seminar presentation needs. We can also work with academic departments to develop special presentations for faculty/staff.  We would be happy to give an overview of our services.

Do You Know Where Your Students Are?
We find that we are most successful in helping students with academic and career planning when we follow the successes of our Reed graduates. Each spring, we track the career and graduate school plans of the current graduating class. If you have information about a student's plans, drop us a line or call us at 503-777-7550.

Career Advising Resources
The Center for Life Beyond Reed strives to empower students to make informed choices about career and future study options and about current and future employment opportunities. We encourage you to refer students to us early and often (beginning in their first year!) for:
•    Individual career counseling.
•    Answers to questions such as, "What can I do with a major in....?"
•    Personal assessment tools such as the Strong Interest Inventory, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, or a values inventory.
•    An extensive career and graduate/professional school resource library.
•    Career panels and events.
•    Job search strategies (part-time, full-time, and on-campus student employment opportunities).
•    And more! Visit our online resources through the eyes of a student.

Internship Resources
Encourage students to pursue internships.  An excellent place for them to start is by searching the NIC Internships (IRIS/Resources) where Reed's internship database resides along with those of peer institutions who have joined the Nationwide Internships Consortium to give access to thousands of internships in most career fields and many geographic locations, both nationally and internationally. (After signing in to IRIS, students need to click employment search under Resources.) Local volunteer and internship opportunities can be found there as well, and on the SEEDS web pages.

Do You Know of Companies Who Would Like to Recruit Reed Students OR Would You Like to Bring an Employer into Your Classroom?
Often, employers will contact faculty members directly hoping to make direct connections with students. If you are contacted by an employer, please pass that contact information on to the Center for Life Beyond Reed so we can offer that employer access to our entire range of services. Also, you may want to review the NACE Faculty Guide to Ethical and Legal Standards in Student Hiring.  Many employers offer to speak to classes, present case studies and meet one-on-one with faculty members at Reed.   If you are interested in making these kinds of connections with an employer, drop us a line or call us at 503-777-7550.

Share Your Resources with Us
Do you have career and graduate school information about your discipline?  Professional organizations, publications, and graduate school rankings are useful tools for students evaluating their career and academic options.  If you have web links or other resources that you think we should promote, please send them our way (by email).

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