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The McGill Lawrence Internship Award offers Reed students the opportunity to complement their academic studies with a summer internship in the public or non-profit sectors. This fund was originally made available by a donation to help cultivate an environment of understanding and respect for multi-cultural issues at Reed. The endowment has increased over the years with generous college contributions. Funds are earmarked each year to support proposals that bring students in contact with ethnically and culturally diverse issues and populations. 2016 recipients received awards of up to $4,000 for a minimum of 8 weeks of full time engagement.

Congratulations to the 2017 McGill Lawrence Internship Recipients!

Saúde Criança, Brazil
Anneleissa Coen

Anneleissa will intern for eight weeks with Saúde Criança, a nonprofit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil that works with impoverished children and their families on an individual-basis with a multidisciplinary team of specialists, setting unique goals to be reached over the span of two years.

HIV/AIDS Healthcare in Senegal
Aminta Gueye

Aminta will spend the summer at the HIV/AIDS ambulatory treatment center at Hospital Fann in Dakar, a clinic that is partially funded by the French Red Cross and the Senegalese government. Their overall goal is to see a world where HIV/AIDS related healthcare access is equitable and led with respect for patients. 

Whitebird Clinic
Arlo Feldhaus

Arlo will spend the summer at the White Bird Clinic in Eugene, OR. This opportunity will involve taking at least one 8-week class to be trained as a volunteer with the organization, working the front desk at the clinic, and learning many different skills like crisis and behavior management, working with databases, working events, and engaging one-on-one with vulnerable populations, among many others. 

Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies
Kristina Kutateli

Kristina will work as an intern for the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies, an independent, nonprofit organization in Tbilisi, Georgia. As an intern for GFSIS, she will work directly with the organization’s staff in order to help with ongoing projects; such as a current project working with religious minorities in the Adjaran autonomous republic in order to incorporate them into Georgian social and political life.

Breathe DC
Sydney Lewis

Sydney will spend the summer with Breathe DC, located in Washington DC, where she will further explore her interest in lung health. Breathe DC is an organization focused on improving the lung health of communities particularly impacted by health disparities in Washington DC. In this internship,she will engage with children learning to manage their asthma, families hoping to make their homes a safer space to breathe, and community members interested in learning more about how to quit smoking.

Migrant Outreach in Southern Mexico
Sarah Richmond

This summer, Sarah will travel to Tenosique, Mexico to work with the migrant refugee organization La 72 Hogar-Refugio para Personas Migrantes (The 72 Home-Refuge for Migrants). Located approximately 60 km from the Mexico - Guatemala border, Tenosique is a thru-point for migrants traveling from Central America to Mexico, many of whom continue on to the U.S - Mexico border.  La 72 offers health care, counseling, case management, internet access, food, rest and shelter, and clothing to each person who comes to their door.

Editorial Assistant, Cape Town
Katie Zheng

Katie will be working as an editorial assistant for the manuscript publication of "Beyond the Mountain: Queerness and Belonging in Post/Apartheid Cape Town." She will work with co-editors at the Institute of Humanities in Africa at the University of Cape Town. "Beyond the Mountain" is a collection of literary works that seeks to spark a critical conversation about Cape Town as a contested site for the existence of various sexualities and gender identities.

2016 Award Recipients

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
Sarah Canavan ’17, history

SaSarah Canavanrah will be interning at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in Paris, France for the summer, where she will be working in the Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) division.  She will be helping prepare for the STI's participation in the 2016 Blue Sky Conference in Ghent and will also research policy issues that may arise in the OECD's work with the G7 and G20 conferences.  The work of the OECD addresses policy issues that cross national borders and endeavors to enable all members of the global community to live better lives. 

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)
Emily Clark ’18, environmental studies/history

Emily Clark

Emily has been selected as a Science Education Intern at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry where she will help set up and facilitate the new special exhibit, SPACE.  In addition to working on the floor, facilitating demonstrations for visitors, she will help coordinate and train other volunteers and help museum staff identify learning holes in the exhibit.  At the end, she will have the opportunity to create her own demonstration to fill one of the "holes" that has been identified.  This aspect of the internship will allow her to broaden the reach of the exhibit and facilitate communication with visitors across cultural divides. 

Shanghai University, Department of Economics
Boyuan Li '18,  mathematics/economics
Boyuan LiBoyuan will serve as a research assistant in the field of development economics, looking at income inequality and population growth in urban China.  In addition to cleaning and analyzing datasets, writing codes in Stata for data analysis, and doing literature review, he will join a research team to conduct fieldwork in order to collect first­hand data for future analysis. Boyuan will have the opportunity to attend various conferences where he will be exposed to cutting edge research on development economics in China.

Color Me Empowered
Kaylee Ma '19, psychology

Kaylee MaKaylee will spend her summer at Color Me Empowered, an arts-focused nonprofit based in Dallas, Texas.  She will help manage summer programs and will also gain valuable insights into the running of a nonprofit organization.  Color Me Empowered targets at-risk-youth through summer camps and civic art projects.  A relatively small organization, Color Me Empowered is poised to develop ten separate programs and serve a thousand children by the end of this year.  Kaylee looks forward to having a voice in creating programming and to returning to Reed an even stronger leader in Reed's vibrant community service opportunities.

Trauma Research Associates Program
Celebrity Nyikadzino '17, environmental studies/chemistry
Celebrity NyikadzinoCelebrity will spend the summer volunteering with the Trauma Research Associates Program (T-RAP) at the Oregon Health Sciences University Intensive Care Unit.  The T-RAP program conducts clinical research, including data collection and analysis on how to reduce the prevalence of complications such as pneumonia, blood clots, and infections in patients who are critically ill.  In addition to using her statistical and analytic skills, Celebrity will also have the opportunity to attend daily rounds in the Trauma Intensive Care Unit with medical students, residents, and attending physicians - an excellent preparation for her planned career in the field of medicine.

White Bird Clinic

Rosie Sokolov '17, anthropology
Rosie SokolovRosie will be interning this summer at the White Bird Clinic a community health collective in Eugene, Oregon.  White Bird is a safe drop-in space for homeless, addicted, and mental health clients, with whom Rosie will interact, engage, support from her position on the front desk, as well as organizing a "legacy" project which she will leave behind to benefit the clinic.

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