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Student Summer Plans

Share your summer plans and be inspired by those of your fellow Reedies.

This is a great way for you to make connections with fellow classmates and help us to plan internships and externships that better serve you. You have the option to remain anonymous, to publish your plans to this page, or to simply share them with us via email. Thanks in advance for sharing your summer activity with us.

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Summer Plans

1. Ahyan Panjwani - Mathematics-Economics

Researching bond markets and mechanisms for a hedge fund in Portland.

2. Anonymous - English

I am working in the library for the first half of summer, and then going home (to Bend) and relaxing.

3. Alyssa Harrison - Biochemistry

I will be working with Rebecca LaLonde on her research of organometallic catalysts. Alongside lots of chemistry, I'm planning to bead and craft like I can't during the school year. I am also training for a backpacking trip on the Oregon Coast at the end of summer.

4. Anastasia Hansen - Music

Working as a counselor at a summer camp for K-9th graders to prevent summer learning loss.

5. Brian Barrett - Math/Computer Science

I will live on campus and work 40 hrs./week at the CUS help desk.

Alternatively, if I get a job I recently applied for, I will return to my hometown of St. Louis and work at a tech incubator that creates backbone technologies for huge, cutting-edge companies like Twitter and Facebook.

6. Colleen Werkheiser - physics

I will be doing a physics REU at the University of Washington. My project focuses on using a table-top x-ray spectroscopy system to test solar-powered batteries and photovoltaics. I will be helping to build these systems and to test batteries using these systems.

7. Elaine Kushkowski - ES-Biology

I am going to be a Unit Leader and Craft House Director at the Girl Scout camp that I have gone to for the past 11 years.

8. Eliot Gardner - Mathematics

I am spending the summer, and perhaps a longer period of time, in residency at Arcosanti field laboratory in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. I'll be working on new construction projects on site, developing skills of practical and artistic design and architecture focused on the concept of "Arcology," architecture + ecology. Essentially, exploring elegant and feasible solutions to urban sprawl (ultimately, a major contributor to the modern "human condition") through experimental, interdisciplinary collaboration, and synthesis and implementation of new and old design concepts and philosophies. Not to mention, a supportive and lively community, and more sunshine, fresh air, and stars in the sky than one could ever wish for!

9. Erin McConnell - BMB

I'll be doing research with Reed graduate Angela Koehler on the Myc oncoprotein developing a small molecule binding assay.

10. Francisca Garfia - Anthropology

I will be working in Portland for CAUSA, an Oregon based pro imigrant rights organization, and helping out with their legal team to educate immigrants about the DACA/DAPA initiatives that could potentially help them become legal residents or at least protect them from deportation and provide them with the opportunity to seek employment. This internship was made possible by the McGill Lawrence Grant.

11. Frank Fan - Math-Economics

will be interning at a private equity firm in Beijing

12. Gregory Ledger - Math

Doing Math research with Adam Groce in the Reed Math department. In particular, we are doing cryptography research.

13. Haley Tilt - Classics

Working on my Summer President's Fellowship for four weeks in Rome, then returning to Portland to continue that work. I will also be working for the SDS while I am back in Portland.

14. Hannah Looney - French Literature

I know I'm normally the poster-child of having lazy summers with zero career building, and I hate to betray my adoring fans, but just couldn't resist the opportunity to study abroad in Avignon at the Institut d'Études Françaises d'Avignon. Don't worry; I'll make sure to relax and skip class a few times to drink cidre brut in a bistro. All work and no play make Looney a dull bird.

Once I get back from France I'll play with my cats and work on getting my Missouri accent back again.

15. Anonymous - Physics

I am going to intern at Scripps in San Diego doing engineering in their Ocean Physics Group.

16. Isabella Jorissen - Math-CS

Working at the Software design studio

17. Jolon Timms - Environmental Studies - Chemistry

Will be doing research on glaciers in Juneau, Alaska.

18. Anonymous - History

I'm going to spend two months at Great Vow Zen Monastery, completing a work-practice residency. This includes six hours of community work and four hours of meditation every day, in addition to the opportunity to attend talks, classes, and workshops. I'm looking forward to the learning more about myself and the world around me through Zen teachings and practice.

19. Katie Schmitz - History

I have a research internship at TTCSP UPenn, a think tank that studies think tanks.

20. Kevin Wong - Mathematics

I will be going through 20+ hours of domestic violence and abuse training, followed by 1-2 weeks of exhilarating camp!

21. lafcadio flint - psychology

Assisting with research at the UCSF Emotion, Health, and Psychophysiology lab

22. Lauren Vanderhooft - Psychology

After applying once before, I now have the privilege to work at the Oregon National Primate Research Center to study addiction models in non-human primates. Though I have next to zero experience in neuroscience, I have a strong background in general animal care as well as operant animal behavior research.

I am incredibly excited to work closely with a local research program that will allow me to study animals I may never get an opportunity to study again. I am hoping what I learn at ONPRC can be brought back to the Learning & Adaptive Behavior Lab under Tim Hackenberg, in order to continue to study social models in rats and include alcohol as a mediator on behavior in social reinforcement paradigms.

23. Leah Cepko - Biology

I plan to perform a computational biology research project which surveys the rate of genetic mutation in different populations and genotypes of the aquatic crustacean, Daphnia magna.

24. Leila Pyle - Studio Art

I will returning to my beautiful Alaskan island and my job as the crew leader for the Youth Conservation Corps at the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge.

25. Morgan Vague - Biology

I got a grant for 4000$ for 10 weeks of work in Erik Zornik's lab! I'm working on neural clearing techniques to prepare female Xenopus laevis brains for analysis when treated with androgen. The idea is to see how androgen effects the structural and neuronal make up of the voice circuit of the female Xenopus laevis. I never thought I would be interested in work like this and I am so incredibly grateful for this opportunity!!

Love Reed and all its opportunities!


26. Nathan Martin - English

I'm a Presidential Summer Fellow for 2015, and I'll be pursuing an independent poetry writing project over the summer in Utah and Arizona.

27. Anonymous - Math

To beat alyssa at innovation.

28. Nicole Ezell - Biology

I get the opportunity to intern with White Bird, learning about the daily operations of the nonprofit and about the medical care that they perform. This will have a particular focus on mental health crisis intervention and long-term treatment. I'm super excited!

29. Oleksandr Lushchyk - Chemistry

I have received an SOS grant to go rock hounding throughout Oregon for the month of June. I will bike down to the coast for agates, to a national forest for thundereggs, and to Glass Butte for obsidian. Once I have the raw materials, I will craft them into necklaces and earrings in a workshop in Portland. Then in July, I will fly to the University of Syndney for a semester abroad!

30. Olivia Kilgore - Sociology

I will be working with the non-profit organization Youth Organizations Umbrella in the Chicago area and will spend my summer facilitating leadership workshops to youth.

31. Patricia Katasi - Political Science

The Joffrey Ballet summer intensive, ACLU Racial Justice Program, and writing for the blog "Dynamic Africa".

32. Raphaela Hsu-Flanders - Environmental Studies

I will be spending the summer on campus, pursuing environmental chemistry research with Christopher Walsh. I am going to be validating an atmospheric source region attribution model in order to assess the downstream effects of mercury pollution on a given geographic region. I will be using ArcGIS to generate seasonal maps of atmospheric mercury pollution, tracing the origins and particle pathways of emissions to individual point sources.

33. Anonymous - Sociology

I will be an intern with ICPSR, the social science research institute out of the University of Michigan.

34. Revant Bagaria - Mathematics-Economics

I'm going back home to Kolkata, India. I was fortunate enoguh to find a paid internship in Kolkata, with a Foreign Exchange Consultancy. I will be working with MS-Excel extensively and will do a lot of Economics and Statistics related work.

35. Ryan Wright - English

I plan to write a (hopefully) publishable article over the summer that examines masculine gender performativity in Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot. I'll be working mostly on my own, but I'll have guidance from French professor Catherine Witt since I'm not planning on working in translation.

36. Sabrina Appel - Physics

I will be working with Dr. Andrew Baker on an Astrophysics REU for 10 weeks of the summer. My project is Star Formation in UV-Bright Star Forming Galaxies. I will be on the Rutgers campus in New Brunswick, New Jersey -- which is conviently close to New York City, so I hope to be able to take advantage of the opportunites there in my spare time.

37. Sam Underwood - Chemistry

This summer I'm working on nanomaterials research at NIST. My project involves synthesis and characterization of silver nanoparticles.

38. Savanah Walseth - Sociology

I will be in Los Angeles, working for a housing agency that uses harm reduction and housing-first methods to take the most vulnerable chronically homeless individuals off of the streets. My job specifically is under a grant to start teaching other non-profits in the area to work with their most difficult individuals and work to make their agencies available for anyone--no matter how complicated their circumstances may be.

39. Sophie Bucci - Economics

I have just completed a 10-week rotational summer internship within two Chief Operating Office businesses at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. In my first assignment, I supported research sales, sales-trading, and top managerment from both areas across different products in equities. In my second, I helped to coordinate banking, capital makets, fixed income, equities, and the CFO's office in the enterprise-wide goal of complying with a new peice of regulation called the Volcker Rule.

If you are another student reading this, please feel free reach out to me with any questions about my experience over the summer, and/or if you think you might be interested in working for a large investment bank in any capacity.

40. Veda Kreth - Psychology

I am working as a T-Watcher for CUS, doing longer projects! I work there during the year but this is a good opportunity to get more experience and learn how to better serve the Reed community during the year.

41. Will Jones - Mathematics

I'm doing web development at Switchboard, helping improve the platform that connects the Reed community.

42. Yuka Esashi - Physics

I will be participating in the UTRIP (University of Tokyo Research Internship Program). I will be working under a U of Tokyo professor who specializes in seismology.

This program is aimed towards students who attend universities outside of Japan, and is conducted in English. The position is unpaid, but I applied to and received an associated scholarship so that my accomodation and flight costs wil be fully covered.

43. Zachary Harding-Laprade - Economics

I will be interning at an asset manager in California in the account management and risk management divisions.

44. Zachary Mathe - Chemistry

Summer research intern.