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Our Newsletter: Beyond Campus Opportunities

Beyond Campus Opportunities (BCOP), is a weekly email digest of the most interesting employment opportunities in our Symplicity database. BCOP also includes important reminders about upcoming deadlines for various fellowships, exams, and internships.

Fellowships, Externships, Internships & Volunteering

Fellowships & Awards

The Reed College Fellowships & Awards Committee oversees a number of programs that provide the funding for you to pursue the summer or post-grauduate project of your dreams.

Winter Shadows Program

Reed Winter Shadows take place in January of every year and offer you the opportunity to get an in-depth look at a specific career during the break between semesters. Applications are due during the fall semester.

Nationwide Internships Consortium (NIC)

We capture a variety of internships in our systems, including the Nationwide Internships Consortium, a database shared by Reed and many other nationally-ranked liberal arts colleges. 

Volunteering: Students for Education, Empowerment, and Direct Service (SEEDS)

Volunteer experience is a rewarding way to gain work experience while giving back to your community. SEEDS seeks to connect you to the greater community in an effort to complement the academic program, inform your personal and career development, and create and sustain a positive impact within the communities served.

Jobs and Other Opportunities

On-Campus Job Listings: IRIS
You can gain valuable employment experience right here on campus. Click through, then choose "resources" from the menu and continue into the Center for Life Beyond Reed.

Off-Campus Opportunity Database: Griffin Door
Griffin Door lists hundreds of off-campus job, internship, and volunteer opportunities. Click through, then choose "Jobs Database: Griffin Door" from the menu.


Networking requires art and skill. Learn the basics in our informative PDF, Networking: A Strategy for Every Stage of Career Development, then jump in through the gateways below.

Reed Career Network

Reed alumni are your biggest network, and they want to help you succeed. Use our IRIS database to identify Reedies with majors or careers of interest who are waiting to help you launch your career.

Reed Switchboard

Switchboard offers real-time connections with members of the Reed community. Post and respond to Asks (“I need something you have!”) and Offers (“I have something you might need!”).


Create your own LinkedIn profile and explore Reed's LinkedIn presence.