Pecha Kucha Night

October 09, 2014
04:30 PM - 06:30 PM
Psychology Auditorium

Reed's version of Pecha Kucha  is a great way for the community to learn from this summer's McGill Lawrence and Davis Projects for Peace recipients.  Pecha Kucha is a world wide phenomenan featuring  20 images x 20 second presentations.

Join The Center for Life Beyond Reed for a fun evening of snappy presentations, a yummy spread of food, and a chance to get inspired about your own next adventure. Reed students led their projects in conjuction with various organizations in Taiwan, Portland, Eugene, Zambia, New Orleans and Karachi Pakistan this past summer and they are eager to share their stories with you.
If you are considering applying for a McGill Lawrence Summer Internship or for the Davis Projects for Peace for 2015, don't miss this session!!