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Division of Student Services

Welcome, Reedies, to the Reed College Summer Internship Advantage Initiative!

We are so pleased to introduce this new iniative, made possible through partnerships with Reed alumni, parents and families, business and organizational friends of Reed College.


The motto in career services is Early & Often. To those ends, we encourage Reedies to start early building experiences and relationships that will help you make a smooth college-to-career transition when you graduate.

Internship Advantage opportunities are 8 and 10-week paid summer project based experiences for which you apply through this website. When you apply through the web tool, career services staff work with you first to ensure that your materials are as strong as possible. Then, we will work with you to make sure that you are comfortable and confident in interviews. Internship Advantage employers, on receiving applications, will select interviewees from the applicant pool that each opportunity generates, and will make their hires after interviews. Career services will stay engaged throughout the process as a liaison. 

When selected for an internship, you will be asked to keep an internship journal that will help you keep track

"Taking on an internship was very important when it came to developing professional contacts. I ended up being able to develop my own program from head-to-toe. The ability to say I was working with Oregon Walks meant that people took me seriously. In the end, not only the experience but the new doors it opened were important to shaping what I'll be doing after Reed." — Lillian Karabaic '13, economics


The advantages an internship offers are many and include:

  • The opportunity to take theory into practice
  • Gain work experience
  • Decide if a given career path is right for you
  • Get an edge in the job market
  • Meet professionals in fields of interest who may become mentors, referral sources
  • Build your resume
  • Smooth your own college to career transition
  • Learn to manage successes and challenges

To apply for an internship, please submit an application form.

"The value of an internship far exceeds the known benefits that an individual Reed student gains: work experience, career placement, and an opportunity to apply his/her strong liberal arts background in a specific endeavor they are passionate about; an internship propagates the merits of a Reed education throughout the corporate sector, thus establishing a legacy of excellence that future Reed students would benefit greatly from." — Bryan Kim '14, economics