A Contextual Work

"Beginning with the Futurists and Constructivists of the early twentieth century, and increasingly since the 1960s, sculptors have explored this shared territory by creating works that generate space rather than simply occupy them. Reimagining and reworking the traditional territory of architecture as well as sculpture, they have produced models for buildings, freestanding sculptural habitats, environmental installations, and (in the case of Minimalism) works that respond to and seek to formally incorporate the architecture in which they are displayed. Over the past two decades, a growing number of contemporary artists have expanded the terms of this engagement with architecture, mirroring a critical re-evaluation of spatial issues—a 'spatial crisis' as it is often called—that has been articulated in a number of fields including geography, cultural theory, philosophy and even economics."

Psycho Building, Rugoff.

Create a work that is designed for a specific group of people, event, outdoor space, or architecture as a collaboration between you (the maker), the materials, the craft, the people, the place, and the things being made.

Fall 2014