The Physical World

Consider the “Voice” of a text as the center of your book design. Research a scientific fact, phenomena effect, or study in relation to you own life. Find or write the text that relates to it, or a set of images that can parallel the ideas. (You will need to get copyright or approval from the author if you are using another writer’s works.) Design a book centered on the concepts the text puts forth. Consider the layout and structure to reflect the rhythm of the language. 

Design the format of this work to reflect the content Choose a typeface that reflects the language.  You must choose either to work with in the traditional page layout, or one set forth by the Avant guard. You will use the books in our collection, as well as the Person manuscripts in the exhibition as an example of the format.

Your readings of Bright (“The Fine Press Book”) and Perloff (“The Invention of Collage”) will help define these two realms of design. Formats that you may refer to include photo narrative with text, polysemiotic narratives, documentary narratives, non-narrative visual sequences, scores, albums and inventories and illustrated books.

Fall 2016