A Communal Space: “Roadway Not Improved” - 2015

Design a building or space that is no bigger than 15' x 15' for the land area in and around the Woodstock neighborhood, on the dirt roads. The Portland State University project "Roadway Not Improved" and The Community Tool Kit will give you ideas and locations to work with. This building/landscape plan could be a theatrical/sculptural space for a variety of functions or it could be directly tied to the function such as a greenhouse, a working storage shed, a small studio, garden pavilions, small food cart, a community picnic area, a small coffee/book/tea shop, a yoga studio an art center for kids. Be creative and think about your neighbors. This space/place could have multiple functions, including contemplation/meditation, sitting or storage. Can you make a space that your viewer/sitters/users are engaged not only with others but also with the material semiotics and the phenomenological aspects of the space it self?

Spring 2015