Plate Stories

A ceramic vessel in the form of urns to everyday dishware reflects the culture from which it came.

These forms have been part of human culture for centuries.

From Grecian pottery that tells stories of triumph and victory to Wedgwood dishware as a symbol of wealth (it was made with the finest porcelain in England and painted with a very expensive cobalt blue glaze) ceramic dishware tells a story though materials and form.

Dishware is also what we eat from and what food is served on.

The food we chose to eat on the plates, the table setting, the guests at the table, the family that gathers to eat from the dishes daily tell stories of great significance. Food as a material and subject has played an extremely significant role in the last decade of art making and viewing. It is a material for gathering communities.

This project brings together the craft traditions of ceramic plate making, the craft tradition of making food, the ritual of dining, conceptual art practice begun in the 1960 of "Art of the Every Day" and the recent phenomena of artist desire to create convivial relationships through the offering of food.

Fall 2016

Fall 2013