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RelaxingYou've probably heard that it rains every day in Portland. You've probably also heard that Hootie and the Blowfish are going to make a comeback. Here's how it really is: you will certainly get rained on here, but you don't see people building arks on every corner. It actually rains more inches in, say, Manhattan or Miami. The autumn and spring will often be beautiful and comfortably warm; the winter will most often be fine library weather. Warped as it may be, you might even come to like a rainy night. At least you won't be freezing to death -- it only snows a little, maybe two days a year. Several winter days will be clear and brilliant, with a sky so blue it hurts. November through March, your fashion sense will lean toward the waterproof. If you don't own an umbrella now, you will buy one. Never fear -- you will also get to wear shorts and T-shirts. Outside, even.

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