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Registration is now open for Discover Reed, our special fall visit event on October 12-14th!

Visiting will allow you to experience the unique atmosphere of Reed College, a college that is truly unlike any other. We want you to see the institution beyond the literature and the website. We want you to talk to students, faculty, and staff—to taste the food, feel the rain, and get lost in the library. To get the most from your visit, we recommend that you plan to spend at least half a day, and up to 24 hours, on the campus.

The admission office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., throughout the year. We will also be taking reservations for visits to campus on select Saturdays during the fall and spring semesters. You may request a visit online, or over the phone by calling 800.547.4750 and asking to schedule a campus visit.

We offer information sessions and tours year-round.

Our basic schedule is:

Information sessions at 9:00am and 1:00pm
Campus tours at 10:00am and 2:00pm

During the winter months, when our counselors are busy reading application files, these times may be more limited.

If you have questions about the activities that we offer for visiting students, please continue reading for the descriptions of available events. If you're ready to schedule a visit, proceed to the visit reservation form right away. If you have any questions while making your reservation, don't worry! You can always come on back to this page--it isn't going anywhere.

Information Session and Tour
Together, the information session and campus tour will provide you with an introduction to Reed. The info session, led by an admission counselor, will explore the nature of Reed beyond mere facts and stats, sharing the important and unique qualities of the institution. After the info session, join one of our student guides for a walk around campus, inside academic buildings and residence halls. The tour will help to paint a picture of the full Reed experience, from academics to residential and social life. Asking questions during each of these events is strongly encouraged.

Visit a Class
After you know a little about Reed, we strongly recommend that you sit in on a class to see where the action happens. Choose an academic department of interest to you, and we’ll find the best-match for your selection and your schedule. Students are encouraged to visit a freshman Humanities conference wherever possible, and may also visit Humanities lecture (on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), if your schedule allows. There’s nothing quite like a Reed classroom—come and see for yourself.

Stay Overnight in a Dorm
All Reedies are encouraged to live on campus during their first year, and an overnight stay with a student host is a great introduction to living at Reed. Students will dine in our dining hall, participate in a selection of overnight activities, and learn about the Honor Principle and its role in the Reed community. Overnight stays are available Sunday through Friday nights when classes are in session, and are only available to high school seniors. In April, overnight stays are restricted to admitted students only.

Interview (for high school seniors, second-semester juniors, or transfer students only)
The Reed interview is an opportunity for an exchange of ideas. In a one-on-one conversation with either an admission counselor or a student intern, students can learn more about the institution while the interviewer has the opportunity to learn more about the prospective student. Interviews are evaluative (which means they will be included in a student’s application), but casual (which means you can leave the tux at home). For frequently asked questions about interviewing, visit this link.

Discover Reed (Special Event)
Want to see campus through a wide-view lens? Join us for Discover Reed, our special in-depth fall semester visit program. On Monday, October 13th, the admission office will offer a wide range of events designed to give students and parents a more complete introduction to the college than a standard visit day can offer. You'll have access to special tours of the canyon and nuclear reactor, panels on everything from academics to applications to life outside the classroom, and open houses with offices including career services and academic support. For last year's offerings, see the schedule for Discover Reed 2013. You can also have lunch with current students, attend a class, peruse the thesis tower and chill on the couch swing! On Sunday, October 12th or Monday, October 13th, high school seniors may also register to spend a slumber party-style night in a dorm and participate in special evening events with student groups -- see some fire dancing, go to a coffee tasting, or play a little laser tag. Ready to be immersed in how we learn and live? Registration for Discover Reed is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

RAD (Reed Admit Days) in April is a great opportunity for you to experience life on campus. You'll see our conference classes in action, talk with faculty and students, and discover the academic departments that inspire you. Between activities, wander the thesis tower and find the oldest thesis in residence, absorb the natural surroundings with a hike in the canyon, or sip in the coffeehouses while watching Reed dogs at play. Make new Reedie friends by spending a night in the dorms. A truly impressive Reedie-to-be may even find the Doyle Owl. Learn about student activities, residence life, financial aid, and a variety of on-campus services. Come and discover what makes the Reed community so unique.

Once you register to attend RAD we will schedule you to visit at least one class in an area of interest. Parents and family members are welcome to attend all RAD activities except class visits, lunch with Reedies, and evening dorm activities. A full schedule will be available at check-in.

Saturday Visits
In an effort to accommodate the tight schedules of our prospective families, the admission office will be open on select Saturdays in the spring and fall from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. While a weekend visit allows more flexibility for visitors, we recommend that interested students return on a weekday to observe a class, and to get the feel of campus while classes are in session.
Saturday visits are composed of an information session and campus tour (see descriptions above). Interviews and class visits are not offered on Saturdays. 

Group Visits
For groups of students from high schools or educational organizations serving high school populations, we offer information sessions and tours outside our regularly scheduled events on a limited basis. Due to significant demand, requests for group reservations are approved only if we have availability, and only if a request has been made with three weeks advance notice. To arrange a group visit, please sign up online or call 503.777.7538. See below for additional restrictions on group visits: 

  • We welcome 9th – 12th grade students and junior college groups.
  • We cannot accommodate junior high, middle school, or graduated student groups.
  • We can accommodate groups of no more than 20 students in the spring semester (excluding April) and summer.
  • We can accommodate groups of no more than 40 students in the fall semester.
  • We do not offer group visits during winter break and the month of April.
  • All groups provide one adult chaperone for every 10 students.