On-Campus Living

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New DormLive and learn. Repeat as necessary.

The majority of Reed students live on or very close to the wooded campus, mostly in small residence halls of seven to 30 members, revealing a residential community in which friendships are easy and spontaneous. Campus housing is guaranteed to first-year students and distributed by lottery to continuing students. You may choose to live on campus throughout your time at Reed, or move off campus after your freshman year.

On-campus living at Reed is especially vibrant today, with the recent construction of three new residence halls, the addition of a new campus center and renovation of the student union where the entire Reed community convenes, and a wonderful new multipurpose auditorium that has hosted events ranging from lectures by social historian Howard Zinn to music and dance by Tibetan monks.

Dorm WindowHouse advisers live in each residence and help orient you to Reed and its community of living and learning. You will appreciate their knowledge of how to get things done. Non-student staff members also live full time on campus to serve as a resource for all students.

Residence halls are coeducational (by floor or alternate rooms). There are single rooms in unusual abundance. You can also request a quiet floor, a pet floor, or a single-sex floor. All living arrangements depend upon cooperation and the commitment to community welfare embodied in the honor principle.

In LibraryChinese, French, Russian, Spanish, and German houses offer language and cultural immersion opportunities. Language scholars from the respective countries serve as resident advisers.

Each year, students may propose topics for "theme houses," where like-minded students share interests and commitments. Recent theme houses have focused on environmental concerns, community service, women's issues, film, and outdoor education.