Summer Intern Bios

Kai Addae '15 (Economics):

Hi y’all! I’m Kai, a rising Senior from a tiny town (Port Townsend) on the Puget Sound in Washington. Besides working in the Admission Office here at Reed, I’ve been involved in the Peer Mentor Program (PMP), the Black and African Student Union, and I’ve been a Radio DJ at the KRRC (the Reed radio station) for 3 years now. I really love Reed as an academic and social community, and the rigorous environment here has really helped me thrive. In my spare time I cook (and eat) a LOT of vegan food, bake a lot of sourdough bread, and love watching movies of all genres. Email me if you have some questions about Economics at Reed, the Introductory Science Classes or the Environmental Studies Program (I was |this| close to being an ES major). Also free to contact me about the X-files, almost any work of Joss Whedon, or to discuss feminist theory.

Kate Hilts '16 (Environmental Studies-Political Science)

Hey y'all, I'm Kate, a sophomore from Boston MA. I'm a die hard thrifter, a theater enthusiast, and a vegan. So, every stereotype you've heard about young Portlanders. (I don't bite, I promise!) I'm also an Environmental Studies major with a focus in political science, and I do a fair amount of social justice work. I love feminist theory, the band "WHY?", and SCUBA diving too. Email me if you want to know about intro economics classes, where to find the best hot chocolate in Portland, or need a book recommendation!

Nick Fiore '16 (Economics):

I am also a Housing Advisor on campus, a member of the newly inaugurated Cheese Club, and in the process of aiding with the start of an MMA student activities group (tentatively called ALIVE at this point). In addition to my academic studies, I love to spend time in downtown Portland. I frequently go to the Bossanova Ballroom for their swing and blues dancing nights. One of my favorite foodcarts is the Brunch Box, which has an artery-stopping, nap-inducing burger known as the "Redonkadonk". When I am not out doing things, I like to watch some of my favorite shows on Netflix, ranging from the absurd, dark comedy of It's Always Sunny to the serious, historical drama of Mad Men. One of the things I love most about Reed --and one of the things that continually excites and refreshes me-- is that intellectual conversation happens all the time at any place in a casual, off the cuff, playful manner. Any conversation at Reed can easily dovetail into a particular application of something that you or a peer has learn in a class, and just as easily return to something less academic.

Dwayne Okpaise '15 (Art History):

My name is Dwayne and I will be a senior art history major in the fall.  I come from Simi Valley, CA, just outside Los Angeles. In addition to working in the Admission Office, I am a student senator and an intern at the Multicultural Resource Center, where I have worked since my freshman year. I was also a mentor in the Peer Mentor Program for two years. In addition to all of that I have been involved in various choirs since coming to Reed. I spent my spring semester 2013 abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Outside of Reed, my interests include pop music, pop culture, and eating out around Portland. In addition to my art history and studio art classes, I have taken some classes in the history and Spanish departments and know a good deal about the linguistics department. Feel free to shoot some questions my way!

Darci Kovacs '15 (Sociology)

Hi! My name is Darci, and it is lovely to virtually meet you. I'm a Sociology major and grew up in the suburbs of New York. My college admission journey was rather strange and by no means direct, but luckily for me it ended with personally handing my enrollment form to the same Admission Office front desk that I work at today. In the past three years I have been a member of our women's rugby team, organized two college-wide dances, declared a major I'm overwhelmingly passionate about, and completed an internship in Washington, D.C. with Reed's funding. I have exercised with Richard Simmons, sat on a student committee, lived off-campus, eaten a perfect amount of brunch, and spent every day with the wonderful folks who matriculate here. Truly, a significant portion of my favorite people are Reedies. I've also just returned from spending the first semester of junior year abroad in Israel studying Arabic, so if you have any questions about studying abroad please feel free to ask. Or just feel free to ask about anything, I love to share stories.