Intern Bios

Alaïa Giglio '14 (Biology):

I'm Alaïa, a senior biology major from Marco Island, FL. I'm really interested in marine biology and enjoy spending time outdoors running, cycling, hiking, or surfing; my thesis examines salmon sustainability in the Pacific Northwest... ask me about it! I also enjoy making pottery with celadon blue glaze, baking treats for the Paradox, and practicing contemporary calligraphy. I spent my last year studying Italian in Florence, and now I'm back on campus as a House Advisor. Smiling is my favorite!

Alexi Horowitz '14 (History):

I have always lived my life like I were the protagonist of some grand adventure story. Whether it was bicycle touring through the jungles of Mexico, motorcycling through the mountains of Vietnam, or walking at sunrise across the sand dunes of southeastern Morocco, I have always felt most alive in unfamiliar waters. Depending on the circumstances, I might fancy myself an old-timey swashbuckler, a cowboy, a wandering mystic, a court jester, a writer, or a historian, among many other things, but first and foremost I see myself as an explorer of spaces both physical and conceptual. I strive, above all, to live fully and without hesitation, openhearted and open-minded to new people, ideas and experiences, and both in my academic and non-academic life I seek to challenge my assumptions about the world and to find new perspectives. I came to Reed for the same reason that I am drawn to travel, because I wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to surround myself with people who would shatter my preconceptions about life, who would expose me to a spectrum and diversity of thought I had never before encountered or imagined. I wanted to live and grow everyday inside a shifting prism of world-views in a community of sharp, deeply reflective, and insatiably curious young minds. Looking back on my time here, over the thousands of pages read, the chuckles chuckled, the ongoing debates and conversations, and the eclectic collection of profound yet playful friendships I have forged, if there is anything I can say about my time at Reed it is that every day has been its own vibrant adventure, intellectual and otherwise. 

Anna Baker '14 (Art History):

In high school I needed to be the best: I practiced monologues for hours, perfected the seams on my home- made dresses, did all the extra credit, I wanted to be the fastest runner, the healthiest eater, and the nicest. I needed to be the top and I didn’t know why. When I came to Reed, I began to see the difference between being the best and having passion. Living under Reed’s reigning principle of learning for the sake of learning, my priorities started to evolve towards investment, caring, learning, and loving.

If you’re interested in Art, Art History, Anthropology, Theatre, Global studies, Study Abroad, managing a coffee shop, art in portland, outdoor sports, yoga, cooking, please email me! I would love to share more stories and experiences about my Reed and academic adventures.

Annam Swanson '14 (Psychology):

I came upon Reed almost by sheer luck – that story starts with a cocktail napkin five years ago and ends with a phone call home on the last day of my campus visit: “Dad? Portland is it. Reed is it. I’m not coming home.” I did go home (begrudgingly), but I spent most of my senior year thinking about this magical place – everything from Sallyport’s arch and the canyon’s charms, to the downtown farmer’s market baguettes and endless shelves of books at Powell’s, to the wild, silly and strange stories I heard on each bus ride around the city. I actually wrote my “Why Reed” essay on the influence of stories and storytelling on my life. Ask me how I got my name (it involves lasagna and the Woodstock Festival), what it’s like to run for Student Government (this is my second year as a Senator) or to be a DJ on campus (, or how I started kickboxing (and helped bring it to campus). Ask me about the time I got to explore a hundred-year-old, 8-story mausoleum (right here in Portland), how I learned web design in a studio art class (I can show you my final project), or what it was like to move almost 3,000 miles away from home for school (I've been on a lot of planes...).

Chris Munoz '14 (German Literature):

I'm primarily interested in 20th century literature, especially literature between Germany and Eastern Europe and topics of landscape and memory. I'm writing my thesis on space in Herta Müller's early novels; if you would like to discuss this or German studies in general, feel free to e-mail me. Outside of classes, I like to go biking, explore Portland, and cook. I'm also a big fan of coffee and books, and I try to go as often as I can to Powell's (a giant bookstore in downtown Portland).

Darci Kovacs '15 (Sociology)

Hi! My name is Darci, and it is lovely to virtually meet you. I'm a Sociology major and grew up in the suburbs of New York. My college admission journey was rather strange and by no means direct, but luckily for me it ended with personally handing my enrollment form to the same Admission Office front desk that I work at today. In the past three years I have been a member of our women's rugby team, organized two college-wide dances, declared a major I'm overwhelmingly passionate about, and completed an internship in Washington, D.C. with Reed's funding. I have exercised with Richard Simmons, sat on a student committee, lived off-campus, eaten a perfect amount of brunch, and spent every day with the wonderful folks who matriculate here. Truly, a significant portion of my favorite people are Reedies. 
I've also just returned from spending the first semester of junior year abroad in Israel studying Arabic, so if you have any questions about studying abroad please feel free to ask. Or just feel free to ask about anything, I love to share stories.

Deirdre Quirk '14 (Theatre):

I came to Reed four years ago, sight unseen, because my best friend's mother was an alumna who insisted that Reed would be the perfect school for me (and because there was confetti in the acceptance envelope). I have yet to regret my choice. During my time at Reed I've taken classes from Performance Technology to Race and Ethnicity in the Modern Andes, and I've been heavily involved in theatre, doing everything from directing to acting to props to designing sets. I've also formed a fantastic group of friends from all majors and we all live together in an off-campus house we've christened The Matriarchy. 

Elaine Anderson '16 (Environmental Studies-Political Science):

I am an unabashed idealist with dreams of making substantive change in the world. I also like poetry, coffee, and cats.

Enrique Montygierd '14 (History):

People grimace when I tell them that I, a senior history major, am taking calculus and physics. Beyond being a veritable challenge, I see it as wonderful opportunity and fundamental to the Liberal Arts. This year I have launched bouncy balls from a cannon, recreated a historically accurate scene fromOedipus Rex and combed through naval archives of Revolutionary France. Problem set or play, verse or variable, Reed has allowed me to unite the seemingly disparate arms of academia into a well-crafted lens with which to enjoy the world.

Grace Fetterman '16 (English):

If I could be any kind of cracker, I would be a Triscuit. The application iTunes claims that the Mary Tyler Moore theme song is my #1 most played ditty. I once dreamt Elizabeth Cady Stanton and I went ice-skating. The corrugated pattern inside cardboard is a hidden beauty. I absolutely love getting emails from Prospies (hinty hint hint).

Jacob Krause '15 (Biology)

Hi guys!  My name is Jacob and I am a junior biology major from Massachusetts. I have been involved in a number of organizations here over the past few years including the Ecuador Service Project, library board, peer tutoring, and soccer. Last summer, I was a research intern working in the biology building on the growth and development of newt larvae in the canyon. Additionally, I spent last semester abroad conducting field research in South Africa! Feel free to e-mail me with any questions you have and I will be delighted to answer them.

Kai Addae '15 (Economics):

Hi all! I'm Kai, and I love Reed because the people here are fantastic, brilliant thinkers who are interested in exploring and learning more about the world at anytime, and being here is a constant (and thrilling) challenge to be the best that I can be, to question everything, and to love the process of learning. I've learned how much I have yet to learn, and had the opportunity to befriend some of the most ingenious and creative people I've ever met. I've grown so much intellectually, emotionally here at Reed, and I can't imagine being anywhere else.

Kate Hilts '16 (Environmental Studies-Political Science)

Hey y'all, I'm Kate, a sophomore from Boston MA. I'm a die hard thrifter, a theater enthusiast, and a vegan. So, every stereotype you've heard about young Portlanders. (I don't bite, I promise!) I'm also an Environmental Studies major with a focus in political science, and I do a fair amount of social justice work. I love feminist theory, the band "WHY?", and SCUBA diving too. Email me if you want to know about intro economics classes, where to find the best hot chocolate in Portland, or need a book recommendation!

Katie Schmitz '16 (International and Comparitive Policy Studies-History):

I am a hard femme fashionista, an avid competitive equestrian, an amateur spelunker and the resident Reed hair stylist with an affinity for foreign policy. I am passionate about public speaking, travel, and vegetarian cuisine. Reed is my ideal community of learners because there is nothing I love more than good discussion. I plan on joining the Peace Corps after graduation and working in either formal or informal diplomacy.

Maggie Perlman '15 (Mathematics):

Hey everybody! I'm Maggie. I like to wear my hair in braids, I love Star Wars (more than Wendell), and I break my brain trying to understand mathematics on the daily. As a transfer student whose path meandered a lot before I found my true home here, I feel especially grateful to be at Reed. I can't wait to talk to you about what Reed means to me!

Martha Janicki '14 (Economics):

I grew up at the crossroads of my American surroundings and Polish upbringing, the child of a single-father engineer who had escaped his country's communism with my mom in 1987 (and were surprised to find out that they would also be free in Poland two years later).  I was born in Toronto then moved to Houston after fourth grade where I had to readjust to a life of rodeo parties and barbeques.

I discovered Reed through an English teacher who had always dreamed of coming here but ended up at another school.  I listened to her advice and began my research with Reed's Admission Intern bios (hello!).  I was smitten with their honesty and personality and from thereon began my obsession with the school.

And here I am.  I'm still the kid who loves to travel and go to shows and and has a bunch of Atlantic and Economist articles on her reading list, but with the added bonus of a better understanding of my surroundings and of myself.  The past 3.25 years at Reed have opened my mind to new ways of living and being and thinking; it's why I came here.  If you have any questions about any of the things mentioned above, student senate, languages at Reed, summer internships, working at startups, public health, or travels abroad (Paris was where I spent my sophomore year), shoot me an email; I'd be happy to talk.

Michael Ojeda '15 (Religion):

If any one word could describe my experience with Reed, it would be serendipity. The stars aligned in the heavens just so in order for me to fall into this school and into my major, and I couldn't be more satisfied with how the lots have been cast. In addition to studying religion and making bad puns (and trust me, I don't just limit them to cosmology-related ones), I'm also super into music performance, watching bad movies, running a not-at-all successful blog for my own amusement, and playing games with friends - board, card, or video, it doesn't matter as long as everyone's having fun. Other important information about me: Hufflepuff, Squirtle, Lilo and Stitch.

Nick Fiore '16 (Economics):

I am also a Housing Advisor on campus, a member of the newly inaugurated Cheese Club, and in the process of aiding with the start of an MMA student activities group (tentatively called ALIVE at this point). In addition to my academic studies, I love to spend time in downtown Portland. I frequently go to the Bossanova Ballroom for their swing and blues dancing nights. One of my favorite foodcarts is the Brunch Box, which has an artery-stopping, nap-inducing burger known as the "Redonkadonk". When I am not out doing things, I like to watch some of my favorite shows on Netflix, ranging from the absurd, dark comedy of It's Always Sunny to the serious, historical drama of Mad Men. One of the things I love most about Reed --and one of the things that continually excites and refreshes me-- is that intellectual conversation happens all the time at any place in a casual, off the cuff, playful manner. Any conversation at Reed can easily dovetail into a particular application of something that you or a peer has learn in a class, and just as easily return to something less academic.

Olivia Dawson '16 (Art History/Anthropology):

I have an obsession with the nooks and crannies on this lovely, brick campus. I love people watching in the library lobby, and curling up on the many random couches. Reed is home. Its where I can wear a costume on many occasions, talk to friends about finding the perfect loose leaf tea, have a fiercely intellectual discussion anytime or anywhere, wear my corduroy overalls completely earnestly and display my collection of feminist pins on my backpack. Reed allows me to have a sense of whimsy but also steep my soul in all sorts of academic theory.

Rennie Meyers '15 (Environmental Studies-History):

I grew up in the Bronx, a borough of New York City, but Portland and Oregon stole my heart on my first visit to Reed. It’s hard to find a “greener” city in landscape or attitude. If you couldn't tell, I’m a Junior Environmental Studies & History major. My interests include sustainable design and architecture, marine biology and conservation, and the successes and failures of environmental ethics as a political tool; focusing in history lets me study the relationship between human beings and the natural world as it morphs over time, to paraphrase William Cronon’s definition of environmental history. The chance to study outside my field of interest only edifies and expands what I consider to be “my field” or “an interest.” The intellectual rigor that saturates Reed certainly doesn’t stand at odds with contemporary problems, but instead grounds them.

I’m here for you guys, so please email me anytime with questions. I can talk about Reed student governance, our (free!) campus activities program the Gray Fund, theatre, art and art history on campus, Residence Life (I’m a House Advisor on campus), the Quest, on-campus sustainability, archery, and general Reed love. I have a lot of it bubbling up.

Shaan Chatterjee '14 (Philosophy):

My name is Shaan Chatterjee. I came to Reed because of the community-wide commitment to learning and intellectual rigor. Reed is an ideal environment for expanding one's breadth of awareness and for the acquisition of analytical tools to improve one's own life and the lives of others. The fact that the entire community here is dedicated to rigorous academic work causes everyone to support each others' academic pursuits and inquiries. Also, the minimal emphasis on grades and accolades makes Reed life more about the intrinsic value of learning about the world than anything else.

Timmy Brandow '16 (Religion)

“If you can laugh and make someone else laugh, then you are going to have a good day.”
My name is Timmy (it keeps me young) and I am a junior Religion major from the state of Maine just fifteen minutes or so outside of the original Portland. But trust me, this Portland is better in every way. I took last year off to spend 14 months in Japan, studying Japanese in Tokyo and then Buddhism in Kyoto. It’s hard to say whether my most immediately recognizable features are my long, curly ginger locks and beard or my colorful blazers and classy walking sticks. Probably some combination of the two. Other fun things to know about me: I am one of the heads of Reed’s Queer Alliance, the creator of the resident Guild of Divination, an avid and unapologetic feminist, a journeyman Apothecary in Sellwood, and the owner of the best cat blog on Tumblr (no seriously it’s the best). If you like cats, I like you; if you don’t… I’ll pray for your salvation (just kidding I will love you terribly no matter your preferences).