Meet our student staff

Finding out about Reed from current students will give you great information and a deeper insight into our community.

Students at Reed play a critical role in the work of the admission office. They greet and talk with visitors in the lobby, lead campus tours, conduct admission interviews, and share meals with prospective students.

Students also participate in other aspects of college operations, from maintaining trails in the Reed canyon and answering calls at the help desk in the technology center to meeting and interviewing candidates for faculty and staff positions. Reed students are a resource you can trust. 

Connect with our students by sending an email; indicate in the subject line either the name of the student you would like to correspond with or the nature of your inquiry. Reedies are standing by and would love to hear from you!


Interns and Student Representatives

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Cassandre Arkema--Environmental Studies-Political Science--Washington D.C.
Maren Bilby--Linguistics--Rhinebeck, NY / Littleton, CO
Lewis Chapman--Political Science--Hopewell, NJ
Alyse C--Computer Science--Moorpark, CA
Viraj Desai
Erika Enge--English--Vienna, Austria
Malin Frazel--Comparative Literature--Evanston, IL
Kristina Kutateli--Political Science--Eugene, Oregon/Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Elliot Menard--Classics--Brooklyn, NY
Alex Moses--English--Grass Valley, CA
Woo Rib (Ribby) Suh--Physics--Daejeon, South Korea
Avery Van Duzer--Biochemistry--Bend, OR
Hunter Wise--Environmental Studies-Chemistry--Pittsburgh, PA
Katie Zheng--Sociology--Shanghai, China

Office Assistants

Hannah Baumgartner--Lead Office Assistant
Samuel Plechot Binder--Office Assistant
Meaza Abate--Office Assistant

Get to know us better

Cassandre Arkema

Hometown: Washington DC
Major: Environmental Studies-Political Science
Academic Interests: Environmental Law, Social Issues, Stream Surveying, Native Plants
Favorite aspect of student life: I love how interconnected everything at Reed is. My classes are extremely real and relevant to the here and now. And then the end of the day I get to comprehensively sit down on my couch and break-down world issues with my best friends supporting my arguments with what I learned that same day.
What you would tell a prospie about Reed: Here at Reed you guide your learning. Small classes allow for an intimacy in discussion that you just can't get in a lecture. When I first came to Reed I was extremely nervous to talk in small discussions. But you have to remember: your opinion matters. Your perspective is priceless and so you have to always speak up.
Best thing about Portland: One of the most beautiful places in the world, The Columbia River Gorge, is just 45 minutes away from campus. If that wasn't enough to convince you 1.5 hours in the other direction gets you to the Oregon Coast.
Favorite Animal: Polar Bear. (back to top)

Maren Bilby

Hometown: Rhinebeck, NY / Littleton, CO
Major: Linguistics
Academic Interests: Sociolinguistics, anthropology, ethnomusicology, translation
Favorite aspect of student life: I love how Reedies take care of Reedies - whenever I have been stuck in a jam, I have found that other students will go out of their way to help out whether I know them or not. I try to pay it forward and do the same with other Reedies - it's kind of a permanent cycle of support and generosity.
What you would tell a prospie about Reed: Reed places a lot of emphasis on learning, but learning is a very vague term; rather than memorizing 'facts', you learn how to question the things that are presented as facts. The heavy conference aspect of most classes is one of my favorite things, as it encourages collaborative discourse.
Best thing about Portland: The food! Portland has got to be one of the only places in the world where I can order a gluten-free, vegan pizza and have it delivered to my door in half an hour. We're really spoiled with the diversity of options here, especially for those like myself with dietary restrictions.
Favorite Animal: Fennec foxes. (back to top)

Lewis Chapman

Hometown: Hopewell, NJ
Major: Political science
Academic Interests: Cognitive science, American Christianity, political theory, improv comedy
Favorite aspect of student life: Reedies Taking Care of Reedies. Everywhere I go, I'm looking out for other folks and I know that they are looking out for me. Ask me about Night Owls!
What you would tell a prospie about Reed: Being a Reedie means being part of a schoolwide community that asks a lot of you and gives even more back. If you can find a class, club, or cause to engage with, pour your heart and soul into it. You won't be disappointed!
Best thing about Portland: The Columbia Gorge. It's about an hour out of Portland and it's the most beautiful place I've ever been.
Favorite Animal: Nautilus. (back to top)

Alyse C

Hometown: Moorpark, CA
Major: Computer Science
Academic Interests: Computational Biology, Music Ethnography, Logic
Favorite aspect of student life: I love studying in the Canyon! It's such a lovely place to sit, study, and relax!
What you would tell a prospie about Reed: Be an advocate for yourself personally and academically! Self care is important!
Best thing about Portland: Soccer! Portland takes its soccer seriously, and I love checking out Timbers games!
Superpower: Perfect pitch. (back to top)

Viraj Desai

Hometown: Singapore
Major: Anthropology
Academic interests: Linguistic anthropology, symbolic anthropology, nation building
Favorite aspect of student life: Interacting with a range of individuals with strong, diverse interests always makes for fruitful conversation and interesting self-discovery.
What you would tell a prospie about Reed: Any institution with a rigorous education isn't fruitful without the guidance and support of both like-minded peers and distinguished professors. Reed is that place.
Best thing about Portland: Foodcarts! There's always interesting food to be eaten!
Superpower: Black matter control. (back to top)

Erika Enge

Hometown: Vienna, Austria
Major: English
Academic interests: Creative writing, poetry, linguistics, translation
Favorite aspect of student life: I love getting into discussions with other students about their passions—in their area of study or in an extracurricular interest. The variety and depth of interests on campus makes for great conversations.
What you would tell a prospie about Reed: The classes here are challenging, but we have a collaborative learning environment, so everyone wants you to succeed. Professors, staff, and peers are resources to aid you in learning if you take advantage.
Best thing about Portland: The people are super friendly, and there are so many cafés and bookstores to find and explore. Bonus: it doesn't rain as much as advertised. 
Superpower: Understanding all languages of the world. (back to top)

Malin Frazel

Hometown: Evanston, IL
Major: Comparative literature
Academic interests: Chinese language and literature, East Asian cultures and history, creative writing, anthropological linguistics, modern fiction
Favorite aspect of student life: I really love that there's always something going on on campus. Whether it's a dance or a fire show, you don't have an excuse for being bored because there's something happening out there if you just leave your dorm room! 
What you would tell a prospie about Reed: This place has changed who I am and how I think. I came here expecting an education but I've experienced a transformation in worldview. 
Best thing about Portland: Foodcarts! Close to nature! Coffee! Shopping! Bike friendly! Beautiful! My favorite type of weather! Small city with big city feels! 
Favorite leisure activity: Playing the zither. (back to top)

Kristina Kutateli

Hometown: Eugene, Oregon/Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Major: Political science
Academic interests: Comparative politics, international relations, post-Soviet studies, interwar history. 
Favorite aspect of student life: How inclusive and supportive the Reed community is. 
What you would tell a prospie about Reed: When I visited Reed, I was a stressed out kid who thought school started and ended with getting an A. Reed made me fall in love with learning again. 
Best thing about Portland: Portland is so close to so many incredible outdoor adventures! Backpacking, mountain biking, skiing, all within an hour's drive.
Favorite animal: Sloth bear. (back to top

Elliot Menard

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Major: Classics
Academic interests: Latin, Greek, French, and English Literature; History; Opera; Theater; Painting
Favorite aspect of student life: One universal quality that all Reedies share is focused and intense passion. Nothing makes me prouder to be part of this community than when I see my fellow Reedies sharing their passions: when a shy classmate fire-dances outside the SU, moving as if they too were made of flames; when a 2 hour late-night paideia seminar becomes 4 hours because no one wants to leave; when the defenders of the universe mysteriously leave their latest half-bike-half-(???) contraptions on the quad. It's a warm feeling and a beautiful sight.
What you would tell a prospie about Reed: Push the boundaries of your comfort zone. Sign up, apply, audition. You might wind up in humplay, or on senate, or running the nuclear reactor, and you might love it. During my time at Reed, I've grown so much, in all kinds of ways, by taking those leaps of faith.
Best thing about Portland: The foliage
Favorite animal: Raccoons (they have little hands!) but I also really like marmots but mountain goats are my ultimate favorite. (back to top)

Alex Moses

Hometown: Grass Valley, CA
Major: English
Academic interests: English, history, theatre
Favorite aspect of student life: I love how inclusive every aspect of Reed is—all clubs, teams, theme dorms, etc. welcome a variety of perspectives and ideas.
What you would tell a prospie about Reed: Reed will challenge you, but every aspect is rewarding. The learning you're doing is not for a grade but to better yourself both academically and personally.
Best thing about Portland: The Food! If you ever get the chance, Horn of Africa can be found at the Portland Saturday Sunday Market. 
Favorite animal: Okapi. (back to top

Woo Rib (Ribby) Suh

Hometown: Daejeon, South Korea
Major: Physics
Academic interests: Physics, mathematics, music
Favorite aspect of student life: The friendly and safe atmosphere created by the student body makes Reed a very welcoming place.
What you would tell a prospie about Reed: The Honor Principle helps us create community norms of autonomy, integrity, trust, and respect for each other.
Best thing about Portland: I would call Portland the bigger version of Reed. The Portland community provides great opportunities for students to go out and enjoy events outside college.
Favorite leisure activity: Playing the piano. (back to top)

Avery Van Duzer

Hometown: Bend, OR
Major: Biochemistry
Academic interests: Genetics, analytical chemistry, and humanities
Favorite aspect of student life: Everyone at Reed cares about improving and contributing to the Reed community. 
What you would tell a prospie about Reed: Reed is one of my favorite places to spend my time. I've found a place in the Reed community that feels as much like home as where I grew up. 
Best thing about Portland: All of the great food. I spend most weekends exploring new food carts and restaurants. 
Favorite leisure activity: Nordic skiing. (back to top)

Hunter Wise

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Major: Environmental Studies-Chemistry
Academic interests: Chemistry, Environmental Science, Music, History.
Favorite aspect of student life: The strength of the community at Reed is truly unique. The people I've met here and the friendships I've made have challenged me and made me grow in ways I didn't know I was capable of
What you would tell a prospie about Reed: Reed is certainly difficult, but it's so unique in how it allows every individual to find their passion and thrive. Don't be afraid of new challenges, embrace the difficulty and what you'll gain is remarkable.
Best thing about Portland: Living right on the Willamette River, and being so close to the Columbia!
Superpower: Never too hot, never too cold. (back to top)

Katie Zheng

Hometown: Shanghai, China
Major: Sociology
Academic interests: Russian literature, Sociology of Education, Buddhism, Gender Studies, Classics.
Favorite aspect of student life: The professors! Reed professors are not only incredibly qualified in their fields, but are also great resources outside of the classroom. My professors have helped me further my academic interests, and find summer opportunities (like living in a monastery in Taiwan!).
What you would tell a prospie about Reed: Everyday I am fascinated by how intelligent and talented Reedies are! There is definitely no better group of people I would surround myself with for four years.
Best thing about Portland: If you and your friends don't know where to go to dinner, you can always go to a food cart pod! You can get ramen, falafel, pizza, burritos, and waffles all in one place!
Superpower: I don't like traffic, so teleportation. (back to top)