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We launched our program in Fall 2014, and currently have 29 graduate students over 4 cohorts. Our graduate program is committed to the richness and diversity of the discipline, building bridges between various humanistic and scientific approaches. With the research expertise in our department, our four-field graduate program is a very attractive option for graduate students. We accept between 5 and 8 graduate students each year, with each accepted student receiving full funding for five years (which includes a competitive stipend, conference travel, as well as summer funding). All students who graduate within five years are provided a fully paid post-doctoral research/teaching position (teaching one class per term) where students can hone their teaching skills and submit publications while applying for jobs ( 

Applications are due on December 1, 2017.

My colleagues and I are actively seeking advanced and motivated students from all sub-disciplines. We are looking for students with a passionate interest in answering important questions that, by necessity, will cross at least two sub-disciplines within anthropology. We have a commitment to encouraging and facilitating the education of students of color and students from underrepresented groups who can continue to add robust and important perspectives to the discipline. We are interested in students who want to make a difference. I would be pleased to hear of any students you would recommend and encourage you to pass on this information to any you believe would be interested in our graduate program.

More detailed information about our program and funding can be found at and

Please do not hesitate to contact me if it would be helpful for me to elaborate on any of this. I would be happy to follow up this note with a phone call if this will help.



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Author of the book Shaping the Motherhood of Indigenous Mexico

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