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Reed wouldn't be the same without the support of our alumni. From Paidiea, to Meat Smoke, Foster-Scholz Club, chapter events, Working Weekend, and so much more, alumni are the rocket fuel that makes spaceship Reed run.

If you'd like to volunteer for Reed, there are a variety of opportunities within the alumni & parent relations office, as well as with other offices around the college. Read the descriptions below, then fill out our volunteer form and we'll be in touch with you! Please send an email to if you have any questions, or if you'd like to do something that's not on this list.

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Help Reedies get jobs

Build Reed's Alumni Network

Maintain Reed Traditions

Other Ways To Help

Help Reedies Get Jobs

Update Your Career Network Profile

The Reed Career Network is a group of alumni who have volunteered to assist current students and other alumni who are interested in exploring career options with professionals in specific fields. You can use IRIS to update your career information in just a few minutes, so that students interested in your field can get in touch with you with just a few clicks. Make sure that you opt to make your information visible or students and alumni won't be able to find you. If you have trouble creating an account or logging into IRIS, email for help.

Post a Job

If you are hiring for a job (even a babysitting job!) that you think Reedies would be interested in, you can post it here or on Reed Switchboard.

Provide an Externship

Externships are like very short internships or slightly longer job shadows. Over winter break, current Reed students all around the country spend a few days working with alumni and friends of the college, getting hands on job experience for a few days. Last year 25 externships were offered through Reed, this year the Center for Life Beyond Reed is aiming for a more ambitious number: 100. For more information, click here. If you are interested, contact or indicate your interest in our volunteer form.

Provide an Internship

Offered over the summer or the entire winter break, internships are opportunities for Reed students to gain real-world experience. If you are interested in offering an internship to Reed students, contact or indicate your interest in our volunteer form.

Reed Switchboard

Want to avoid the administration entirely and make direct contact with students and alumni? Reed Switchboard can help. Switchboard allows you to post a job for students and alumni, offer and recieve advice, and can even help you sell your couch - or find one to crash on. You can sign up here or learn more about Switchboard here.

Build Reed's Alumni Network

Alumni Board

The alumni board is Reed's national volunteer board whose purpose is to direct the association's goals, programs, and services. The full board meets five times annually and functions through three committees. The board welcomes comments and suggestions for its activities. Board members are selected by the nominating committee, so checking the box on the volunteer form will let them know that you're interested, and someone from the committee will contact you. The nomination process can be long and drawn out (so you shouldn't expect a fast response), but they will get back to you and we greatly appreciate your interest.

Local Host

Are you willing to help alumni if they're coming to your town-either traveling through or moving in? You might offer them a room or advice about good places to stay, suggest where to eat, or anything else you want to recommend. This is a self-managed system dependent on people helping each other out; it doesn't take any specific amount of time, and you might never be called upon. It all operates through the alumni directory in IRIS, so it only works if your contact information is up to date and visible. If you have trouble creating an account or logging into IRIS, email for help.

Chapter Volunteer

There are alumni chapters in nine metro areas: Boston, Chicago, London (serving western Europe), New York, Portland, Rainier (Seattle), Bay Area (San Francisco), Southern California (Los Angeles), and Washington, D.C. Any of those chapter steering committees would love to have your help in planning events. If you'd like to become a chapter volunteer, fill out the volunteer form.

Hosting and Planning Local Events

Want to hang out with other Reedies? Whether it's a book group at your house or a visit to a restaurant or a bar, you can show your love for Reed by hosting an event. Let us know by filling out this volunteer form.

Maintain Reed Traditions

Reunion class committee

Reunions class volunteers have four responsibilities that are shared by the entire class committee, which is usually made up of two to five classmates:

  • contact classmates to help spread the word about your milestone reunion
  • rally your classmates to attend Reunions
  • help conceive of and execute events during Reunions
  • select a class gathering for classmates to enjoy
  • write a class-specific paragraph for the website
  • select two faculty guests for your Friday class dinner

Annual Fund Class Gift Chair

The annual fund currently needs volunteers to act as class gift chairs leading up to milestone reunions (those that fall on the five-year mark.) In this capacity, volunteers encourage classmates to donate to Reed's annual fund through solicitation letters. Contact Lauren Creany if you are interested or indicate your interest on our volunteer form.


Paideia is held every year during the month of January and also, in a more limited form, during Reunions. If you have a skill or talent you'd like to teach your fellow Reedies, contact the Paidiea czars or, for Reunions Paidiea, email and we will put you in touch with the Reunions Paidiea czars.

Other ways you can help

Admission Alumni Representative

The admission office loves to have alumni volunteers to interview prospective students and represent Reed at select college fairs. Please fill out our volunteer form if you are interested in being an Alumni Representative.


Students for Education, Empowerment, and Direct Service (SEEDS) is Reed's community service program. SEEDS coordinates one-time and ongoing volunteer opportunities for hundreds of members of the Reed community each year, provides education about community and volunteerism, and maintains contact with hundreds of civic and social service organizations in Portland and beyond. Although most of our volunteers work in service to people outside of Reed (alumni are always welcome to use our referral information), we also are happy to have alumni leading group volunteer events, teaching workshops, advising students on service-learning projects, and hosting student volunteers at work. Contact SEEDS by email if you are interested or indicate your interest in our volunteer form.


One of the simplest and most vital ways to help Reed is by making a donation. Donations support financial aid, faculty salaries, student services, and more. To give online, click here. For more information on giving, click here.