All the bells and whistles for you to enjoy

Think of Reedfayre as a festival that features the talents of alumni and friends. For details on these programs, please consult the full schedule.


Be a star! Queue up your song!

Camp Reed sing-along
We’ll roast marshmallows, make s’mores, and sing songs as we gather round a fire pit in the spectacular setting that is the Cerf Amphitheatre.

Rob Fishel '03 on show-tunes piano
If you like to sing aloud to show tunes and popular standards, then this is the stage for you!

Songs in honor of Seeger
From storytelling sessions by Cricket Parmalee ’71 about Pete's concerts at Reed to Dr. Demento's talks on Seeger's influences to a hootenanny in Seeger's honor with Lauren Sheehan '81 and friends, we are pleased to offer programming in which we share words, songs, and memories of this remarkable American.

Kyle Alden Thayer '80 returns to Reed and is joined by local favorite Kathryn Claire for three performances featuring folk songs played on guitars, fiddle, mandolin and harmony vocals.

Sportin' Lifers
Erin Wallace '96 and Whit Draper '87 gig around town with a group of talented musicians known as the Sportin' Lifers. Whether you want to sit back and listen or get up and dance to the jazzy, bluesy interpretations of popular standards, you'll dig this vibe.

Big Daddy Thaddy & the Sugar Dick Daddies
As if you didn't know that the current crop of Reed students have talent, you can see and hear it in person as Jack Johnson '15 and Omar Hashani '16 team up with some friends and play classic electric-blues tunes.

Russian Duo
Terry Boyarsky '70 and Oleg Kruglyakov charmed those who saw their piano and balalaika concert during our centennial Reunions, and we are delighted to welcome them back.

Folk dancing
This doubles as a PE credit, but whether you are familiar with the steps or not, join in this Reunions staple. Jim Kahan '64 and others will keep your feet moving to the music and build community along the way.

Stop Making Sense video-dance party
Of course David Byrne isn't a Reedie (his loss), but Reedies of the last decade love to pack the SU and dance to this musical classic. Join the crowd as its is played on the big screen. Dancing required!

And two other themed dance parties, the '80s and desert beat! 

For more details on all of these musical offerings, check out our blog.


Talent show
If your name is not on this page and you still have stuff to share and want a stage, here's your chance to perform for your friends and fellow alumni. Sign up in advance to be part of this wild and wooly show.

Laugh Track: Comedy & Magic
—Barry Hansen ’63 is back. Reed’s most celebrated radio personality serves as the emcee for our evening of magic and comedy before he ends the evening by spinning and showing his favorite tunes.
—Zack Dubnoff ’91: Zack displays deft sleight of hand along with some funny gags and stunts.
—Yoram Bauman '95, "the world's first and only stand-up economist"
The Demented Era: He's baaack and crazy as ever! Dr. Demento will play a few comedic gems from the early 1960s—a prime era for recorded comedy.  And then he'll spin some good stories and play a sampling of Dementite favorites, including some naughty bits.

Other hijinks!

Carnival & live music on the lawn

Ping-Pong Palace in Kaul, with black light and all!