Alumni College 2016

Elementary Education: the kids, the school, and the community

This year, we have selected the topic of Elementary Education, with some, but not an exclusive, focus on elementary education today in the United States. More Reed graduates have had careers in education—be it elementary, secondary, or tertiary education—than any other field. The majority—but far from all—of us have personal stakes in education because we are parents or grandparents. Elementary education is controversial, with public disagreements about traditional vs. alternative schooling, how to assess achievement and evaluate teachers, centralized vs. decentralized school systems, and the eternal issue of how much funding elementary education requires and how to obtain that funding. Crosscutting those debates are emerging scientific findings about how children learn, how they become motivated to learn, and how schools and their surrounding communities can achieve synergistic effect. We'll delve into these and other issues using Reed faculty and alumni as content experts and participants as engaged interlocutors.

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