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Monthly Events

Every month Reedies across North America gather for monthly events. It started as "Thirsty Third Thursday" in bars in brewpubs, but now encompasses special events related to arts, sports, and other modes of discourse throughout the month - in other words, monthly events do not need to be thirsty, nor do they necessarily need to be on a Third Thursday! Monthly events can happen (and do happen) anywhere, not just in chapter cities. Click here to see this month's offerings. To create your own, see "Planning Events" below, or send an email to

Chapter Events

Chapters often hold their own events, including ongoing events like book clubs. To go to the chapter mainpage, click here.

Planning Events

If you'd like to organize an event in your own geographic area:

  1. Select event, and preferred date (picnic, potluck, trip to a park, concert, or museum).
  2. Select location (may be intrinsic in event) and determine what reservations might be necessary.
  3. Write up a description (when, where, why, and how) and send it to at least four weeks before event for inclusion in the monthly event email and/or to serve as a region-specific invitation that the alumni office can send for you.
  4. Collect RVSPs (and any money necessary).
  5. Greet guests and act as general host (not necessarily financial "host").
  6. Report back to Alumni Relations on the success of the event, including a list of attendees.

What the alumni office can offer in the way of support and promotion:

  1. Send email invitation to area alumni at least two weeks in advance. We can sometimes send a printed invitation, budget and time permitting. We can sometimes send a second reminder email too, depending on timing.
  2. List event on alumni webpages and social-media channels.
  3. Offer some financial support, sign contracts.
  4. Provide lists of email addresses for individual outreach to potential attendees.

To get something cooking, send your questions and great ideas to!