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Fall 2014 

Drop-in language tutoring is available at the langauge lab in the Instructional Media Center, LL1 of the library, when classes are in session and during reading weeks, but closed for school holidays. Below are the schedules for the language covered, showing when each language is covered and which tutor will be available to help at that time. 

The drop-in language tutors provide assistance in writing, speaking, reading and understanding the langauges taught at Reed. They can also help students to use the language-specific computing resources that are available in the langauge lab. Drop-in tutoring is currently available in Chinese, French, German, Russian, and Spanish. If you need help at times when the drop-in tutors are not available, consider making an appointment with an individual tutor

If you have questions or comments about the language lab or the drop-in tutoring, please contact Weiwei Zhang.

If you would like to share feedback about your experience with tutoring, check out our Tutor Feedback Form


Sunday, 7-8 p.m
Monday, 6-7 pm
Wednesday, 8-9 pm
Yevgeniy Melguy  Yevgeniy Melguy  Qingyang Xie 


Tuesday 8-9 pm
Wednesday 6-7pm
Thursday 7-8 pm
Sasha Peters   Amanda Strenz


Sunday 6-8pm
Monday 5-6pm
Tuesday 7-8 pm
Wednesday 7-8 pm
Thursday 7-8 pm
Madeline Reese    Madeline Reese   Madeline Reese


Sunday 7-8pm Tuesday 7-8pm Thursday 7-8pm


Sunday, 6-7 pm Wednesday, 6-7 pm
Wednesday, 7-8 pm

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