Public affairs

Eliot 212
8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday

Randall Barton, Writer. Extension 5544 (503/517-5544)
Mandy Heaton, Executive Director of Communications and Public Affairs. Extension 7289 (503/777-7289)
Tom Humphrey, Art Director, Reed magazine. Extension 4632 (503/459-4632)
Danielle Juncal '15, Project Manager. Extension 5178 (503-517-5178)
Chris Lydgate ’90, Editor, Reed Magazine. Extension 7596 (503/777-7596)
Stephanie McCollough, Graphic Designer. Extension 6672 (503-788-6672)
Kevin Myers, Director of Strategic Communications. Extension 7815 (503/517-7815)
Katie Pelletier, Writer/Editor, Reed magazine. Extension 7727 (503/517-7727)
Raymond Rodriguez, Web Designer. Extension 7594 (503/777-7594)
Aimée Sisco, Director of Creative Projects. Extension 7574 (503/777-7574)
Robin Tovey ’97, Communications Manager. Extension 7598 (503/777-7598)
Cate Whitcomb, Director of Design.  Extension 7599 (503/777-7599)

Members of the public affairs office serve the Reed community, news media, prospective students, alumni, parents, and the general public. Their primary goal is to advance the reputation of Reed College.

The public affairs office produces the college's weekly online newsletter, At Reed. Submissions may be made at

The office welcomes contact from students who might enjoy freelance assignments in writing and photography.

(last modified: September 26, 2016)