Course load

Students taking 3 to 4.5 units per semester are considered to be enrolled full time in a standard course load. In order to fulfill the 30 units required for graduation in four years, it is necessary to take 7 to 9 academic units (excluding credit for physical education) each year.


Students who wish to register for more than 4.5 academic units in a semester must complete a waiver of policy petition for approval of their intended course schedule. First-year students and sophomores should petition the Administration Committee. Juniors and seniors (see class standing) should direct their petitions to their major division. All students must request obtain the approval of their advisers prior to petitioning. In general, overloads are only approved for students who have a demonstrated record of above-average achievement while taking a full load at Reed.


A part-time student is defined as one who is carrying fewer than three units per semester and who pays tuition on a per-unit basis (both exclusive of physical education). The general expectation at Reed is that all students will attend full-time. Regular undergraduate students are not allowed to begin a semester with a program of fewer than three academic units unless approved by the adviser and by either the Administration Committee or the division. To request such approval, students should complete a petition for waiver of policy (available from the registrar’s office), obtain their adviser’s signature, and submit the petition no later than the first week of classes. At any time during the semester, a student desiring to change his or her program to fewer than three academic units must have the written consent of the adviser and a dean in student services. Students in their thesis year must comply with the requirement that they complete no fewer than six units in the year. A two-unit semester in the thesis year is not considered part-time enrollment and does not require approval. Students admitted to part-time programs (for example, Young Scholars, Master of Arts in Liberal Studies) are not required to obtain approval for an underload.

Students enrolled for two or more units must pay the student body fee.

(last modified: February 19, 2014)