Division of Student Services

Weekly Community Engagement 

Starred (*) programs qualify for off-campus Federal Work Study
  • Are you FWS-eligible? Get paid to work with organizations in Portland! 
    • Follow 6-step process to get started
  • Not FWS-eligible? You're welcome to volunteer!

Weekly programs coordinated by Reed students

*SEEDS @ Lane Classroom Support 
*SEEDS @ Lane After School Support
SEEDS Cycling to Service Reed P.E. class
*Off-campus Federal Work Study internships 
Reed Community Pantry 
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All other weekly programs at Reed 

  •  Map of 20+ SEEDS community partners
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  • *S.M.A.R.T (Start Making a Reader Today)
  • Community based learning in Reed Psychology courses:
    • *Clinical, *Motivation, and *Developmental
  • Reed College Science Outreach Program
  • Community Dance at Reed 

Weekly opportunities in the community